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Century Wrestling Alliance
Heavyweight Title

Tommy Dreamer92/11/05Wallingford, CT
Defeats Tony Atlas in tournament final.
Iron Sheik93/03/21Burlington, VT
Vic Steamboat93/10/23Wakefield, MA
Tony Atlas93/12/04Bar Harbor, ME
Vic Steamboat [2]95/09/19Pawtucket, RI
Kevin Sullivan95/10/31Gloucester, MA
Stripped of title due to a loser-must-retire match against Chris Benoit on 97/07/14; title is combined with CWA New England Heavyweight Title to create NWA New England Heavyweight Title.

Beau Douglas07/03/10Saugus, MA
Defeats Jason Rumble for NWA New England Title; renamed CWA Title on the same day when the promotion leaves NWA.

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