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Last updated on 2017/04/08

Big Time Wrestling
Women's World Title

Alma Mills 1959/07/18<
Listed as "new world's champion" on 59/07/18 in Portsmouth, NH; recognized as world champion in Boston, MA as of 59/07/21; still champion as of 60/07/16 and continues to be billed simply as "women's champion" but is billed as New England champion as of 60/09/05.
June Byers 1960/09/05<  
NWA World Champion, also recognized in Massachussetts; wrestles Alma Mills to a draw to retain the title on 60/09/16 in Boston, MA; still recognized in Boston, MA as of 61/03/04; a match to crown a new champion is planned as of 63/08.
Rita Cortez 1963/09/19 Boston, MA
Defeats Bambi Ball in tournament final.
Alma Mills [2] 1965/01/09
Awarded when Cortez refuses to meet the top contenders.
Rita Cortez [2] 1965/07/07<
Sometime after 65/06/02.
Alma Mills [3] 1966/01<
Tournament taking place as of 67/02/21 after Mills temporarily retires "nearly a year ago", according to Springfield Union (Springfield, MA) on 67/02/22 (winner unknown).
Alma Mills [4] 1967/07/30<
Still champion as of 68/03/17 and 70/07/03.