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Last upadeted on 2013/07/05

Nebraska Heavyweight Title

[ Japanese ]

William Hokuf 12/10<  

Jack Reed 56/03/19<
Jack Pesek 58/04/05<
May be billed as Midwest Title in Iowa.
Ernie Dusek 58
Jack Pesek [2] 58/10 Hastings, NE
Still champion as of 59/10/12.
Ernie Dusek [2] 60<
Crusher Lisowski 60/05/06<
Jack Pesek # 60/06/04<  
Billed as champion in Minnesota.
Jack Reed [2] 62/04/04
Rocky Hamilton (Larry Hamilton) 62/04/17<
Bobby Managoff 62/10/02<
Killer Karl Kox # 62/12<
Mike DiBiase # 62/12/13 Amarillo, TX
May be only for a local recognition in Amarillo.
Ernie Dusek [3] 63/04/02<
Mad Dog Vachon 64/03/28<
Otto Von Krupp (Boris Malenko) 64/08/15Omaha, NE
Mad Dog Vachon [2]64/08/22Omaha, NE
Billy Red Cloud 64/10/09 Omaha, NE
Ivan Kalmikoff * 64/11/14Omaha, NE
May not be a title change.
Don Jardine 64/12/26Omaha, NE
Defeats Kalmikoff; Jardine may have been the champion entering this match.
Mighty Igor Vodik 65/03/06 Omaha, NE
Stan Pulaski 65/10/02 Omaha, NE
Tim Woods 65/11
Sometime after 65/11/17; Mighty Igor Vodik is billed as champion in Beatrice, NE in 66/03 since defeating Don Jardine "last month" as reported by a local paper.
Dale Lewis67/01/14Omaha, NE
Bobby Shane67/03/04Omaha, NE
Bob Orton Sr.67/05/27Omaha, NE
Unified with Midwest Title when Orton defeats Doug Gilbert on 67/07/15 in Omaha, NE to become the first champion.

* See AWA Midwest Heavyweight Title.

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