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Last updated on 2016/08/12

AWA Midwest Heavyweight Title

Bob Orton Sr.1967/07/15Omaha, NE
Holder of Nebraska Title, defeats Doug Gilbert to become the first champion; Nebraska Title is unified with Midwest Title.
Rock Rogowski (Ole Anderson) 1967/10/28Omaha, NE
Bob Orton Sr. [2]1967/11/11Omaha, NE
Mighty Igor Vodik 1967/12/09 Omaha, NE
Mike DiBiase 1968/01/06 Omaha, NE
Bob Ellis 1968/06/15 Omaha, NE
Mike DiBiase [2] 1968/08/17 Omaha, NE
Bob Ellis [2] 1968/08/24 Omaha, NE
Mike DiBiase [3] 1968/10/26 Omaha, NE
Stan Pulaski1969/02/01Omaha, NE
Tarzan Tyler1969/10/18Omaha, NE
Stan Pulaski [2]1970/01/01Omaha, NE
Lars Anderson1970/02/15Omaha, NE
Stan Pulaski [3]1970/03/28Omaha, NE
Beautiful Brutus1970/04/23Omaha, NE
Bob Ellis [3]1970/05/02Omaha, NE
Lars Anderson [2] 1970/06/13 Lincoln, NE
Bob Ellis [4] 1970/06/20 Omaha, NE
Tarzan Tyler [2] 1970/07/25 Omaha, NE
Tex McKenzie1970/10/10Omaha, NE
Rock Rogowski [2]1970/11/07Omaha, NE
Stan Pulaski [4] 1970/12/05 Omaha, NE
The Claw (Tom Andrews) 1971/01/08 Omaha, NE
Ramon Torres 1971/08/07Omaha, NE
Great Kusatsu1971/09/11Omaha, NE
Stan Pulaski [4] 1972/03/25 Omaha, NE
Buddy Wolff 1972/04/08 Omaha, NE
Later declared vacant due to "groggy" referee handing out double decisions.
Buddy Wolf [2] 1972/05/06Omaha, NE
Defeats Stan Pulaski.
Stan Pulaski [5] 1972/06/03 Omaha, NE
Still champion as of 72/09/02.