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Carolina Wrestling Federation
Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Title
(as of 2016/07/23)

Bo Dupp & Stan Dupp 2000
Awarded as the first champions; vacant in 01 when the Dupps leave the promotion.
Los Latinos Locos: Kozmo & Super Kozmo 2001/05/19Burlington, NC
SouthSide Playas: L.A. Cash & J-Money 2001/11/17Graham, NC
Joe Storm & Damien Storm2002/03/23Graham, NC
SouthSide Playas: [2] 2002/05/11Burlington, NC
Main Attraction: Scott Powers & Chris Steele 2002/06/29Graham, NC
Stripped in 02 for failing to appear for a mandatory title defense.
Mikael Yamaha & Gemini Kid2002/12/28Graham, NC
Brad Attitude & Brad Rainz2003/08/20Wentworth, NC
Mikael Yamaha & Gemini Kid [2]2003/12/27Burlington, NC
Brad Attitude & Brad Rainz [2]2004/01/31Seagrove, NC
Brass Munkey & American Steel Ninja2004/03/27Ramseur, NC
Twisted Aggression: Ivan Koloff & Sean Powers 2005/02/05Seagrove, NC
Southside Playas: J-Money & Will B. Smooth 2005/04/19Pfafftown, NC
Garry Stevens & Mitch Connor2006/02/04Burlington, NC
Rob McBride & Tank Lawson2006/08/19Burlington, NC
The VIPs: Jesse Ortega & Gemini Kid 2007/09/08Burlington, NC
Xsiris & Kamakazi Kid 2008/03/15 Burlington, NC
Win the title as masked Las Chivas and reveal themselves after the match; stripped on 08/07/19 after Mikael Yamaha substitutes Kid, who is not allowed by the doctor to wrestle.
Xsiris & Mikael Yamaha 2008/08/02 Burlington, NC
Defeat Jesse Ortega & Gemini Kid in a one-night 4-team tournament final.
Syndicate: Evan Banks & Michael McAllister 2009/02/21 Burlington, NC
Defeat Yamaha in a handicap match.
The VIPs [2] 2009/06/06 Oxford, NC
Defeat Syndicate and Arik Royale & Chase Dakota in a 3-way match.
Fatback Enterprises: Corey Edsel & Donnie Dollar$ 2009/09/05Burlington, NC
Aftermath: Marcellus King & Jaxon Dane 2010/03/06 Burlington, NC
Fatback Enterprises: Donnie Dollar$ & Nick Richards 2010/06/19 Burlington, NC
Defeat Aftermath, Destiny Inc.: Ty Dillinger & Ray Kandrack, and Matt Smith & Chase Dakota in a 4-way match.
Ty Dillinger & Ray Kandrack 2010/10/30 Burlington, NC
Virginia Bombers: Jason Blade & Adam Page 2011/01/08 Burlington, NC
Roy Wilkins & Walter Eaton 2011/08/20 Burlington, NC
Semper Ferocious: Bobby Wohlfert & Devin Dalton 2011/10/15 Burlington, NC
Roy Wilkins & Walter Eaton [2] 2011/11/19 Burlington, NC
Arik Royal & Chiva Kid 2012/02/11 Greensboro, NC
Killbillies: Evan Banks & Aric Andrews 2012/05/05 Gibsonville, NC
All-Stars: Roy Wilkins & Walter Eaton [3] 2012/12/29 Gibsonville, NC
Rick Converse & Xiris 2013/06/15 Gibsonville, NC
Defeat Wilkins & Eaton, Ben Tyler & Chet Sterling, and Matt Houston & Louis Moore in a 4-corners match.
Kamakazi Kid & Lee Valiant 2013/09/07 Gibsonville, NC
Rage & The Machine: Michael McAllister & Mecha Mercenary 2014/01/11 Gibsonville, NC
Killbillies [2] 2014/05/17 Gibsonville, NC
Team with Arik Royal to defeat Corey Edsel & Rage & The Machine in a match where Royal's Heavyweight Title is also on the line.
Jason Miller & Nick Richards 2014/10/04 Gibsonville, NC
Aftermath: Chet Sterling & Trevor Lee 2014/12/27 Gibsonville, NC
Arik Royal & Ray Kandrack 2015/12/05 Gibsonville, NC
Aaron Biggs & Mecha Mercenary 2016/06/18 Gibsonville, NC