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Carolina Wrestling Federation
Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title
(as of 2016/06/18)

David Taylor 2000  
Awarded as the first champion.
Jeff Justice2001/02/22Myrtle Beach, SC
Madd Maxx2001/03/03Graham, NC
Eddie Brown2001/12/29Graham, NC
Otto Schwanz2002/06/29Graham, NC
Corey Edsel2002/11/02Graham, NC
Ric Converse2003/12/27Burlington, NC
Corey Edsel [2]2004/10/02Burlington, NC
Ric Converse [2]2004/12/18Burlington, NC
Garry Stevens2005/07/15Burlington, NC
Ric Converse [3]2005/12/17Burlington, NC
Vacant in 06/06 after Converse wins AWA World Title.
Rob McBride2006/07/08Burlington, NC
Defeats Joey Silvia in a tournament final.
Joey Silvia2006/10/14Burlington, NC
Garry Stevens2007/10/20Burlington, NC
Ric Converse [4]2007/12/15Burlington, NC
Rob McBride [2] 2008/06/21 Burlington, NC
Ric Converse [5] 2008/09/20 Burlington, NC
Brass Munkey 2008/12/20 Burlington, NC
Kamakazi Kid 2010/01/02 Burlington, NC
Defeats Munkey and Ric Converse in a 3-way match.
Steve Greene 2010/05/15 Burlington, NC
Lee Valiant 2010/09/04 Burlington, NC
Ric Converse [6] 2010/09/18 Burlington, NC
Lee Valiant [2] 2010/12/18 Burlington, NC
Xsiris 2011/06/18 Burlington, NC
Adam Page 2012/01/07 Burlington, NC
Kamikazi Kid 2012/05/05 Burlington, NC
Ray Kandrack 2012/07/14 Burlington, NC
Arik Royal 2012/12/29 Gibsonville, NC
Roy Wilkins 2014/07/12 Gibsonville, NC
Brad Attitude 2014/12/27 Gibsonville, NC
Marcellus King 2015/08/22 Gibsonville, NC
Brad Attitude [2] 2015/11/21 Smithfield, NC
Defeats King, Chet Sterling, and Roy Wilkins in a 4-way match.
Roy Wilkins [2] 2015/12/26 Gibsonville, NC
Defeats Attitude, Chet Sterling, John Skyler, Lance Lude, and Trevor Lee in 6-way match.
Trevor Lee 2016/02/27 Gibsonville, NC