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Maryland Championship Wrestling ( 1998/10 - 2016/04 )
MCW Pro Wrestling ( 2016/04 - )
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2017/12/01)

Romeo Valentino1998/10/11Baltimore, MD
Defeats Corporal Punishment in a tournament final to become the first champion.
King Kong Bundy1998/12/03Denton, MD
Romeo Valentino [2]1999/01/07Glen Burnie, MD
Headbanger Mosh1999/04/08Dundalk, MD
Tom Brandi1999/06/17Dundalk, MD
Defeats Mosh and Romeo Valentino in 3-way match.
The Bruiser1999/09/05Dundalk, MD
Romeo Valentino [3]1999/10/27Glen Burnie, MD
The Bruiser [2]1999/12/04Sandy Spring, MD
Jimmy Cicero2000/07/19Glen Burnie, MD
Defeats Brruiser, Adam Flash, and Corporal Punishment in a 4-way elimination match.
Adam Flash2000/11/19Odenton, MD
Jimmy Cicero [2]2000/12/06Glen Burnie, MD
Adam Flash [2]2001/05/18Wye Mills, MD
The Bruiser [3]2001/11/02Chestertown, MD
Jerry Lawler2001/11/02Chestertown, MD
The Bruiser [4]2001/11/10Hampstead, MD
Orlando Jordan2002/02/09Lexington, KY
The Bruiser [5]2002/02/16Harrington, DE
Danny Doring2003/01/30Glen Burnie, MD
Unified with MEWF Title on 03/07/16 in Glen Burnie, MD when Doring defeats MEWF champion Romeo Valentino and Chris Chetti in a 3-way match on the final card of MCW.

* See MEWF Heavyweight Title.

Julio Dinero2006/03/26Dundalk, MD
Defeats Genesis in a tournament final after the promotion restarts in previous month.
Adam Flash [3]2006/07/09Dundalk, MD
Pins Julio Dinero in an "Ultimate Jeopardy" match where if anyone pins Dinero, he wins the title; other participants included Jason Static, Scott Fowler, Bruiser, Genesis, and Danny Jaxx.
Joey Matthews2007/07/08Dundalk, MD
Christian York2007/12/26Glen Burnie, MD
Ruckus 2009/02/21 Dundalk, MD
Kent Brink 2009/11/06 Dundalk, MD
Ryan McBride 2010/07/31 Dundalk, MD
Tyler Hilton 2011/02/26 Dundalk, MD
Cobian 2011/05/19 Dundalk, MD
Ronnie Zukko 2011/09/30 Severn, MD
Tyler Hilton [2] 2011/12/30 Severn, MD
Nui Tofiga 2012/04/06 Dundalk, MD
Vacates on 12/10/27 due to injury.
Ryan McBride 2012/10/27 Dundalk, MD
Defeats Drolix, Ricky Reyes, and Ruckus in tournament 4-way elimination final.
Christian York [2] 2013/02/22 Dundalk, MD
Drolix 2014/05/03 Waldorf, MD
Matt Hardy 2014/05/03 Waldorf, MD
Drolix [2] 2014/10/04 Dundalk, MD
The Bruiser 2015/02/07 Joppa, MD
Ryan McBride [2] 2015/10/24 Windber, PA
Drolix [3] 2016/09/24 Joppa, MD
Sean Studd 2017/01/28 Joppa, MD
The Bruiser [2] 2017/09/30 Joppa, MD
Joey Matthews [2] 2017/09/30 Joppa, MD
The Bruiser [3] 2017/12/01 Joppa, MD