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Last updated on 2013/09/21

Mid-Eastern Wrestling Federation
Heavyweight Title

Ricky Blues92/01/18Odenton, MD
Defeats Agent Orange in a tournament final; vacant in 92.
Max Thrasher92/07/11Pasadena, MD
Defeats A.C. Golden in 8-man tournament final.
Lucifer (Tim Burke)93/02/05Gaithersburg, MD
Morgus the Maniac93/11/13Hampstead, MD
Lucifer [2]93/11/14Essex, MD
Morgus the Maniac [2]94/11/01Gaithersburg, MD
Mad Dog O'Malley93/02/05Gaithersburg, MD
Cpl. Punishment95/03/26Gaithersburg, MD
Jim Neidhart95/10/01Gaithersburg, MD
Cpl. Punishment [2]95/10/01Gaithersburg, MD
Defeats A.C. Golden in 8-man tournament final.
Joe Thunder95/12/03Gaithersburg, MD
Johnny Gunn96/03/26Gaithersburg, MD
Cpl. Punishment [3]96/06/30Gaithersburg, MD
Axl Rotten96/06/30Gaithersburg, MD
Mark Shrader96/09/13Gaithersburg, MD
Axl Rotten [2]96/11/23Gaithersburg, MD
Stevie Richards97/02/02Gaithersburg, MD
Disco Inferno97/04/03Gaithersburg, MD
Vacant on 97/08/09.
Pit Bull #297/08/10Gaithersburg, MD
Defeats Knuckles Zanwich; vacant on 97/11/07.
Salvatore Sincere [2]97/11/08Gaithersburg, MD
Defeats Cpl. Punishment; vacant on 97/12/22.
Glenn Osbourne98/02/01Baltimore, MD
Defeats A.C. Golden a tournament final.
Danny Rose98/04/04Essex, MD
Morgus the Maniac [3]98/11/14Hampstead, MD
Bob Starr   Gaithersburg, MD
Honky Tonk Man99/10/02Dundalk, MD
Bob Starr [2]99/11/13Hampstead, MD
Patch00/03/31Dundalk, MD
Stripped on 00/04/29 for failing to make scheduled title defences.
Lucifer [3]00/04/29Middle River, MD
Defeats Max Thrasher.
DOA00/08/09Martinsburg, WV
Lucifer voluntarily vacates the title and awards it to DOA who has passed away on 00/06/24.
Buzz Stryker00/08/12Middle River, MD
Defeats Lucifer(?).
Max Thrasher [2]00/09/22Dundalk, MD
Defeats Morgus the Maniac, Buzz Stryker and Dino Casanova in a 4-way match.
Dino Casanova [3]00
Max Thrasher [3]00/11/11Hampstead, MD
Vacant on 01/03/17.
Rayne01/04/12Baltimore, MD
Defeats Dino Casanova.
Dino Casanova [2]01/08/02Dundalk, MD
Vacant in 01.
Cat Burglar01/11/25Dundalk, MD
Wins a 17-man battle royal; held up on 02/02/09 in Baltimore, MD after a 3-way match against Nick Berk and Ruckus in which all three score a simultaneous pinfall.
Cat Burglar [2]02/03/03Baltimore, MD
Defeats Nick Berk and Ryker in a 3-way match.
Drew Pain02/10/26
Buzz Stryker [2]02/10/27
Defeats Drew Pain and Salvatore Sincere in a 3-way match.
Chad Bowman03/03/09Dundalk, MD
Romeo Valentino [2]03/05/03
Danny Doring03/07/16Glen Burnie, MD
Reigning MCW champion, defeats Valentino and Chris Chetti in a 3-way match to unify the MCW title; stripped on 04/03/28 for failing to make scheduled defences..
The Bruiser (R.J. Carrington)04/03/28Dundalk, MD
Defeats Romeo Valentino; promotion closes in 04/10.

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