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Maryland Championship Wrestling
Cruiserweight Title

Adam Flash1998/11/08Glen Burnie, MD
Defeats Earl the Pearl to become the first champion; vacates on 98/12/02 due to injury.
Christian York1998/12/02Glen Burnie, MD
Defeats Tom Brandi.
Joey Matthews1999/05/21Wheaton, MD
Platinum Nat1999/06/17Dundalk, MD
Quinn Nash1999/10/03Dundalk, MD
Adam Flash [2]1999/10/23Colonial Beach, VA
Quinn Nash [2]1999/10/27Glen Burnie, MD
Mikey Whipwreck1999/12/04Dandy Spring, MD
Adam Flash [3]1999/12/05Dundalk, MD
Chad Bowman2000/04/14Annapolis, MD
Defeats Flash and Qeenan Creed in a 3-way match.
Qenaan Creed2000/11/19Odenton, MD
Gregory Martin2001/01/13Laurel, DE
Qenaan Creed [2]2001/03/10Paw Paw, WV
Red2002/03/27Glen Burnie, MD
2-Dope2002/12/05Glen Burnie, MD
Adam Flash [4]2003/03/12Glen Burnie, MD
Reckless Youth2003/05/15Glen Burnie, MD
Christian York [2]2003/07/16Glen Burnie, MD
Defeats Youth, MEWF champion Crash Holly, Joey Matthews, Qeenan Creed, and Jay Briscoe in Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup match and unifies both titles on the final card of MCW.

* See MEWF Cruiserweight Title.

Derek Frazier2006/02/26Dundalk, MD
Defeats Andrew Ryker when the promotion restarts.
Chris Sabin2006/05/07Dundalk, MD
Ruckus2006/07/09Dundalk, MD
Defeats Sabin, Jerry Lynn, Steve Anthony, Petey Williams, and Derek Frazier in a 6-way elimination match.
Chris Sabin [2]2006/10/29Dundalk, MD
Alex Shelley2006/11/11Hampstead, MD
Derek Frazier [2]2007/03/25Dundalk, MD
Josh Daniels2007/12/26Glen Burnie, MD
Vacates on 08/11/01 after refusing to defend the title against Derek Frazier.
Sabian 2008/11/01 Dundalk, MD
Defeats Derek Frazier.
Ryan McBride 2009/07/11
Glen Burnie, MD
Wins the 2009 Shamrock Cup by defeating Kirby Mack, Aden Chambers, Kenny Dykstra, Qeenan Creed, and Adam Carelle in the final; unified with Rage Television Title when McBride defeats Adam Carelle on 09/12/26 un Dundalk, MD.

* See MCW Rage Television Title.