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Independent Wrestling Association
Mid-South Light Heavyweight Title
(as of 2012/03/02)

Lightweight Title ( 200lbs; 1996/01 - 1998 )
Light Heavyweight Title ( 220lbs; 1998 - )

The American Kickboxer1996/01/06New Albany, IN
Defeats El Perro to become the first champion.
El Perro1996/10/17Louisville, KY
The American Kickboxer [2]1996/10/31Louisville, KY
Wins a mask vs. mask match against Perro, who unmasks as Tarek the Great.
Tarek the Great [2]1996Louisville, KY
Wild Child1996/11/28Louisville, KY
Tarek the Great [3]1996/12/05Louisville, KY
The American Kickboxer [3]Louisville, KY
Tarek the Great [4]1997/02/20Louisville, KY
The American Kickboxer [4]1997/02/27Louisville, KY
Tarek the Great [5]1997/03/05Campbellsville, KY
The American Kickboxer [5]1997/03/06Louisville, KY
Tarek the Great [6]1997/03/12Louisville, KY
The American Kickboxer [6]1997/03/13Louisville, KY
Stripped on 97/03/27.
Danny Dee1997/03/27Louisville, KY
Defeats Tarek the Great; stripped on 97/04/10.
Wild Child [2]1997/04/10Louisville, KY
Wins a 4-way match.
Bull Pain1997/04/10Louisville, KY
Vacant on 97/05/15 when Pain exceeds the weight limit.
The American Kickboxer [7]1997/05/15Louisville, KY
Defeats J.C. Ice.
Tarek the Great [7]1997/06/05Louisville, KY
Tyrin1997/06/12Louisville, KY
J.C. Ice1997/06/26Louisville, KY
Tyrin [2]1997/07/03Louisville, KY
The American Kickboxer [8]1997/07/19Louisville, KY
Tarek the Great [8]1997/08/14Louisville, KY
Stripped on 97/09/04.
Reckless Youth1997/09/04Louisville, KY
Defeats The American Kickboxer; stripped on 97/11/08.
The American Kickboxer [9]1997/11/08Lexington, KY
Wins a 3-way match.
Twiggy Ramirez1997/11/27Louisville, KY
Stripped on 98/03/26.
Tarek the Great [9]1998/03/26Louisville, KY
Defeats The American Kickboxer and The Suicide Kid in a 3-way match; stripped on 98/04/02.
The Suicide Kid1998/04/02Louisville, KY
Defeats The American Kickboxer.
Tarek the Great [10]1998/04/03Scottsburg, IN
Tyrin [3]1998/04/30Louisville, KY
Harry Palmer1998/04/30Louisville, KY
Mike Sensation1998/06/11Louisville, KY
Became Light Heavyweight Title.
Cash Flo1998/06/25Louisville, KY
Adam Pierce1998/07/30Louisville, KY
Stripped on 99/01/07 due to non-defense.
BDL1999/01/07Louisville, KY
Defeats Twiggy Ramirez and The Suicide Kid in a 3-way match.
Harry Palmer [2]1999/02/02Louisville, KY
Suicide Kid [2]1999/04/29Salem, IN
J Prodigy (BDL) [2]Louisville, KY
Harry Palmer [3]2000/02/04Charlestown, IN
Held up on 00/02/16; no champion is crown in a rematch on 00/02/23.
Mike Sensation2000/03/04Charlestown, IN
Hy-Zya2000/03/04Charlestown, IN
American Kickboxer [10]2000/03/04Charlestown, IN
Hy-Zya [2]2000/04/01Charlestown, IN
Stripped in 00/04.
Suicide Kid [3]2000/04/22Charlestown, IN
Defeats Prophet Daniel Quinn in a 3-man tournament final.
Paul E. Smooth2000/07/15Charlestown, IN
Prophet Daniel Quinn2000/08/05Charlestown, IN
Hy-Zya [3]2000/08/30Charlestown, IN
Richard X2000/09/23Charlestown, IN
Hy-Zya [4]2000/09/30Charlestown, IN
Richard X [2]2000/10/13Charlestown, IN
Vacant in 00.
Hy-Zya [5]2000/12/16Charlestown, IN
Defeats Todd Morton.
Mark Wolf2000/12/20Charlestown, IN
Paul E. Smooth [2]2000/12/29Charlestown, IN
Mark Wolf [2]2000/12/30Charlestown, IN
Paul E. Smooth [3]2001/01/10Charlestown, IN
Hy-Zya [6]2001/04/07Charlestown, IN
Mark Wolf [3]2001/05/06Charlestown, IN
Defeats Hy-Zaya and Richard X in a 3-way match.
C.M. Punk2001/06/09Charlestown, IN
Tarek the Great [11]2001/07/14Charlestown, IN
Mark Wolf [4]2001/09/29Charlestown, IN
Defeats Tarek and Hy-Zya in a 3-way match.
Tarek the Great [12]2001/10/06Charlestown, IN
C.M. Punk [2]2001/11/03Charlestown, IN
Stripped for no-defense.
Kurt Krueger2002/02/01Charlestown, IN
Defeats Cuefa in tournament final.
Ace Steel2002/02/08Indianapolis, IN
Vic Capri2002/03/08Dayton, OH
Ace Steel [2]2002/05/03Indianapolis, IN
Stripped in 02/06 for not defending it within 30 days.
Kurt Krueger [2]2002/08/03Clarksville, IN
Defeats Terik the Great in an 8-man tournament final.
Nate Webb2002/10/05Clarksville, IN
Danny Daniels2002/11/16Clarksville, IN
Shark Boy2002/12/28Clarksville, IN
Nate Webb [2]2003/01/11Clarksville, IN
J.C. Bailey2003/03/29Clarksville, IN
Michael Todd Stratton (Todd Morton)2003/05/24Clarksville, IN
J.C. Bailey [2]2003/05/31Clarksville, IN
Sonjay Dutt2003/08/09Philadelphia, PA
J.C. Bailey [3]2003/11/21Highland, IN
Defeats Sonjay Dutt and Nate Webb in 3-way match.
Matt Sydal2004/01/17Highland, IN
Delirious2004/06/26Oolitic, IN
Vacant on 04/08/21 in Highland, IN when a match against Jimmy Jacobs ends with a double pin.
Jimmy Jacobs2004/09/17Highland, IN
Delirious [2]2004/12/12Highland, IN
Josh Abercrombie2005/06/11Philadelphia, PA
Tyler Black (Seth Rollins)2005/10/15Midlothian, IL
Defeats Ambercrombie in a best of 7 series.
Josh Abercrombie [2]2006/01/21Midlothian, IL
Brandon Thomaselli2007/04/14Shelbyville, IN
Chuck Taylor2007/08/31Midlothian, IL
Mike Quackenbush2007/09/01Pelham, AL
Chuck Taylor [2] 2007/12/07 Plainfield, IN
Pins Quackenbush during a 4-way elimination match in which Eddie Kingston and Chris Hero also participate; both heavyweight and light heavyweight titles are on the line, but Hero and Kingston are eligible only for the heavyweight title forexceeding the weight limit; Kingston wins the match and heavyweight title.
Jason Hades 2008/04/12 Joliet, IL
Dingo 2009/01/03 Joliet, IL
Carter Gray 2009/01/17 Joliet, IL
Jimmy Jacobs [2] 2009/03/07 Joliet, IL
Jason Hades [2] 2009/06/05 Joliet, IL
Promotion closes in 09/08 but restarts in 09/11 with Hades as the champion.
Ryan Phoenix 2010/02/19 Bellevue, IL
Jaysin Strife 2010/06/26 Bellevue, IL
Vacant in 11.
B.J. Whitmer 2011/09/16 Bellevue, IL
Defeats Bucky Collins.
Bucky Collins 2011/10/14 Bellevue, IL
Oliver Cain 2012/03/02 Bellevue, IL
Defeats Collins and Scotty Vortekz in a 3-way match.