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Independent Wrestling Association
Mid-South Heavyweight Title

Tower of Doom1997/04/03Louisville, KY
Defeats Ox Harley and Bull Pain in a tournament final to become the first champion.
Doug Gilbert1997/04/24Louisville, KY
Stripped on 97/07/19.
Ian Rotten1997/07/19Louisville, KY
Defeats Bull Pain.
Bull Pain1997/07/31Louisville, KY
Tracy Smothers1997/09/11Louisville, KY
Salvatore Sincere1997/09/18Louisville, KY
Bull Pain [2]1997/11/04Louisville, KY
Buddy Landel1997/11/07Lexington, KY
Bull Pain [3]1997/11/08Bardstown, KY
Held up a match against Paul Diamond on 97/11/11 due to a double pin.
Bull Pain [4]1997/12/09Louisville, KY
Defeats Diamond in rematch.
Axl Rotten1998/02/13Lexington, KY
Stripped on 98/04/24.
Ox Harley1998/04/24Louisville, KY
Defeats Harry Palmer; Ian Rotten pins Harley on 98/05/06 in Lexington, KY, but promoter Jim Fannin reverses decision and gives the title back to Harley; Texas Hangman Psycho (Bull Pain) pins Harley on 98/05/13 in Lexington, KY but is stripped of the belt on next day after refusing to unmask and prove he is not Bull Pain who has been suspended at the time; Harley is given back the belt the same day; Ian Rotten pins Harley on 98/05/14 in Louisville, KY but is stripped due to being suspended at the time; Harley is given back the belt.
The Midnight Rider (Ian Rotten) [2]1998/05/28Louisville, KY
Defeats Tower of Doom who has been given authority to defend Harley's title; Rotten unmasks himself and continues as champion.
Billy Joe Eaton1998/07/12Kalamazoo, MI
Ian Rotten [3]1998/07/30Louisville, KY
Harry Palmer1998/08/06Louisville, KY
Rotten pins Palmer earlier to win the match but gives the title to Palmer afterwards.
Corporal Robinson1998/11/13West Point, KY
Ian Rotten [4]1998/12/04Salem, IN
Corporal Robinson [2]1999/01/06Charlestown, IN
Ian Rotten [5]1999/01/07Louisville, KY
The Suicide Kid1999/01/14Louisville, KY
Chip Fairway1999/01/21Louisville, KY
The Suicide Kid [2]1999/01/28Louisville, KY
Declared vacant on 99/02/02 following a double pin between The Suicide Kid and Chip Fairway.
Chip Fairway [2]1999/02/03Charlestown, IN
Defeats The Suicide Kid in rematch.
Ian Rotten [6]1999/04/29Salem, IN
Defeats Dean Baldwin, subbing for Fairway.
Rollin' Hard1999/08/07Oolitic, IN
Mad Man Pondo1999/09/29Louisville, KY
2 Tuff Tony2000/02/23Charlestown, IN
Defeats Deliah Starr and Mad Man Pondo in a 3-way match to unify Mid-South Hardcore Title on 00/03/04 in Charlestown, IN.
Blaze2000/03/25Charlestown, IN
Axl Rotten [2]2000/04/01Charlestown, IN
Stripped in 00.
Rollin' Hard [2]2000/06/10Charlestown, IN
Defeats Ian Rotten in tournament final.
Ian Rotten [7]2000/06/24Charlestown, IN
Rollin' Hard [3]2000/07/01Charlestown, IN
Mitch Page2000/07/31
Awarded by Ian Rotten when Rollin' Hard is unable to defend the title due to injury.
Bull Pain [5]2000/08/05Charlestown, IN
Stripped 00/09/09 in Charlestown, IN due to no-show; Pain jumps
Harry Palmer [2]2000/09/22Charlestown, IN
Defeats Cash Flo in an 8-man tournament final; declared vacant after a match against Cash Flo on 00/09/23 in Charlestown, IN.
Harry Palmer [3]2000/09/27Charlestown, IN
Defeats Cash Flo and Rollin' Hard in a 3-way match.
The Suicide Kid [3]2000/10/13Charlestown, IN
Held up after a match against Todd Morton on 00/10/21.
Todd Morton2000/10/25Charlestown, IN
Defeats The Suicide Kid in rematch.
Ian Rotten [8]2000/12/06Charlestown, IN
Cash Flo2000/12/30Charlestown, IN
Blaze [2]2001/02/07Charlestown, IN
2 Tuff Tony [2]2001/03/02Charlestown, IN
Mitch Page [2]2001/04/07Charlestown, IN
Defeats Tony and Rollin' Hard in a 3-way match.
Trent Baker2001/05/19Charlestown, IN
Hido2001/07/14Charlestown, IN
Defeats Baker and Chip Fairway in a 3-way match; stripped on when Hido loses a loser-leaves-town match to Necro Butcher on 01/07/18 in Charlestown, IN.
The Suicide Kid [4]2001/07/21Charlestown, IN
Defeats Mitch Page in a tournament final.
Trent Baker [2]2001/08/04Charlestown, IN
Chris Hero2001/10/20Charlestown, IN
C.M. Punk2001/12/05Indianapolis, IN
Eddy Guerrero2002/03/01Indianapolis, IN
Defeats Punk and Rey Misterio Jr. in a 3-way match.
C.M. Punk [2]2002/03/02Morris, IL
Colt Cabana2002/04/19Dayton, OH
Defeats C.M. Punk and Eddie Guerrero in a 3-way match.
Mike Sullivan [4]2002/05/24Deltona, FL
Chris Hero [2]2002/07/12Clarksville, IN
M-Dogg 202002/10/05Clarksville, IN
C.M. Punk [3]2002/10/26Clarksville, IN
B.J. Whitmer2002/11/02Clarksville, IN
C.M. Punk [4]2002/12/14Clarksville, IN
Chris Hero [3]2003/02/07Clarksville, IN
Mark Wolf2003/06/07Clarksville, IN
Vacates on 03/07/12 in Clarksville, IN due to repeated concussions and other injuries.
Chris Hero [4]2003/07/12Clarksville, IN
Defeats Danny Daniels.
Danny Daniels2003/08/02Clarksville, IN
Jerry Lynn2004/01/16Oolitic, IN
B.J. Whitmer2004/04/09Oolitic, IN
Petey Williams2004/05/29Highland, IN
Arik Cannon2004/09/18Highland, IN
Wins the Ted Petty Invitational Tournament; vacant on 04/10/21 due to a broken collarbone.
A.J. Styles2004/10/21Evansville, IN
Defeats Petey Williams, Christopher Daniels, and Chris Sabin in a 4-way match.
C.M. Punk [5]2004/10/23Highland, IN
Danny Daniels2005/02/04Valpariso, IN
Jimmy Jacobs2005/04/01Herrin, IL
Arik Cannon [2]2006/01/21Midlothian, IL
Darin Corbin2006/04/22Midlothian, IL
Trik Davis2006/06/03Plainfield, IN
Defeats Corbin and Arik Cannon in a 3-way match.
Toby Klein2006/06/17Streamwood, IL
Chuck Taylor2006/09/30Midlothian, IL
Mike Quackenbush2007/09/29Midlothian, IL
Eddie Kingston 2007/12/07 Plainfield, IN
Defeats Quackenbush, Chris Hero, and Chuck Taylor in a 4-way elimination match; vacant on 08/04/12 when Kingston misses two consecutive events due to flight problems.
Chuck Taylor [2] 2008/05/03 Joliet, IL
Defeats Claudio Castagnoli in an one-night 8-man tournament final.
Dingo 2008/06/20Sellersburg, IN
Promotion closes in 09/08 and restarts in 09/11 with the title vacant.