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Last updated on 2014/08/25

1969 - 1977
World Wrestling Association
World Tag Team Title

Wilbur Snyder & Dick the Bruiser 1964/02
Continue to claim the World Title after being stripped by AWA.
Nicoli Volkoff & Angelo Poffo1964/07/31Indianapolis, IN
Win by countout.
Wilbur Snyder & Dick the Bruiser [2]1964/09/04Indianapolis, IN
Kurt Von Brauner & Karl Von Brauner1964/10 Memphis, TN *
Nicoli Volkoff & Boris Volkoff1965/05/17 Memphis, TN *
Assassins (Guy Mitchell & Joe Tomasso) 1965/07/17Indianapolis, IN
Wilbur Snyder & Moose Cholak1965/12/25Indianapolis, IN
Assassins [2] 1966/03/03Ft. Wayne, IN
Lose to Verne Gagne & Wilbur Snyder on 66/03/26 in Chicago, IL but continue to be recognized in other WWA towns (WWA started working with AWA and AWA titles are recognized in Chciago thereafter).
Wilbur Snyder & Dick the Bruiser [3]1966/06/11Indianapolis, IN
Assassins [3]1966/06/25Indianapolis, IN
Wilbur Snyder & Luis Martinez 1966/07/23 Indianapolis, IN
Devil's Duo: Angelo Poffo & Chris Markoff 1966/09 Lafayette, IN *
Sometime after 66/09/03.
Dick the Bruiser & Crusher1967/01/21Indianapolis, IN
Devil's Duo [2] 1967/02/17Indianapolis, IN
Dick the Bruiser & Crusher [2]1967/07/15Indianapolis, IN
Mitsu Arakawa & Dr. Moto (Tor Kamata) 1967/10/13 Indianapolis, IN
Held up after a match against Dick the Bruiser & the Crusher on 68/06/15 in Indianapolis, IN.
Mitsu Arakawa & Dr. Moto [2] 1968/07/26Indianapolis, IN
Wins rematch.
Wilbur Snyder & Pat O'Connor 1968/08/24Indianapolis, IN
Mitsu Arakawa & Dr. Moto [3] 1968/10/28Elkhark, IN
Or 68/10/26.
Dick the Bruiser & Crusher [3]1968/12/28Chicago, IL
Chain Gang: Jack Dillinger & Frank Dillinger 1969/06/20Indianapolis, IN
Vacant on 69/09/13 after Frank Mack (Frank Dillinger) is shot in Chicago, IL.
Chain Gang: Jack Dillinger & Jim Dillinger 1969/11/27Indianapolis, IN
Defeat Dick the Bruiser & Moose Cholak.
Dick the Bruiser & Bill Miller1970/06/26Indianapolis, IN
Fabulous Kangaroos: Al Costello & Don Kent 1970/07/17Indianapolis, IN
Wilbur Snyder & Moose Cholak [2] 1970/12/26 Indianapolis, IN
Held up after a match against Fabulous Kangaroos Al Costello & Don Kent on 71/02/23 in Indianapolis, IN.
Wilbur Snyder & Moose Cholak [3] 1971/03/27Indianapolis, IN
Win the rematch.
Fabulous Kangaroos [2]1971/06/18Indianapolis, IN
Wilbur Snyder & Paul Christy1971/08/21Indianapolis, IN
Blackjack Lanza & Blackjack Mulligan 1971/11/06 Detroit, MI
Repeated in Indianapolis, IN on 71/12/18.
Dick the Bruiser & Crusher [4] 1972/12/02Detroit, MI
Repeated in Chicago, IL on 72/12/09.
Baron Von Raschke & Ernie Ladd 1973/02/24Detroit, MI
Repeated in Indianapolis, IN on 73/03/07.
Dick the Bruiser & Bruno Sammartino 1973/07/21Detroit, MI
Held up in Indianapolis after a match between champions Raschke & Ladd and Bruiser & Sammartino; Bruiser defeats Raschke & Ladd on 73/09/22 in Indianapolis, IN for himself and Sammartino.
Jimmy Valiant & Johnny Valiant1974/01/05Indianapolis, IN
Repeated in Detroit, MI on 74/01/11; held up on 74/01/25 after a match against Dick the Bruiser & Bruno Sammartino.
Jimmy Valiant & Johnny Valiant [2]1974/02/07Indianapolis, IN
Defeat Bruiser & Sammartino in rematch.
Wilbur Snyder & Pepper Gomez1974/05/04Indianapolis, IN
Legionnaires: Sgt. Jacques Goulet & Pvt. Don Fargo 1974/09/21Indianapolis, IN
Legionnaires: Sgt. Jacques Goulet & Soldier Zarinoff LeBeouf 1975/04
Dick the Bruiser & Crusher [5]1975/09/20Indianapolis, IN
Ox Baker & Chuck O'Connor (John Studd)1976/03/13Indianapolis, IN
Dick the Bruiser & Crusher [6]1976/05/01Indianapolis, IN
Bounty Hunters: David Novak & Johnny Novak 1976/08/14Indianapolis, IN
Moose Cholak & Paul Christy1977/02/12Indianapolis, IN
Jimmy Valiant & Johnny Valiant [3]1977/06/18Indianapolis, IN
Wilbur Snyder & Dominic Denucci1978/03/04Indianapolis, IN
Jimmy Valiant & Johnny Valiant [4]1978/07/22Indianapolis, IN
Wilbur Snyder & Pepper Gomez [2]1978/12/02Indianapolis, IN
Roger Kirby & Igor Volkoff1979/04/01Indianapolis, IN
Vacant in 79/05 when Volkoff leaves the area.
Roger Kirby & Paul Christy1979/06/09Indianapolis, IN
Defeat Wilbur Snyder & Spike Huber in tournament final.
Dick the Bruiser & Spike Huber1979/10/07Indianapolis, IN
Roger Kirby & Jerry Valiant (Guy Mitchell) 1980/04/27Indianapolis, IN
Wilbur Snyder & Spike Huber1980/08/16Indianapolis, IN
Kelly Twins: Pat Kelly & Mike Kelly 1981/06/13Indianapolis, IN
Wilbur Snyder & Spike Huber [2] 1982/02/18 Peoria, IL *
Held up after a match against Sheik Ali Hassan & Abdullah the Great on 82/05/01 in Springfield, IL.
Sheik Ali Hassan & Abdullah the Great1982/06/05Indianapolis, IN
Win the rematch.
Spike Huber & Steve Regal1982/07Peoria, IL *
New York Dolls: Rick McGraw & Dream Machine 1982/09/25Memphis, TN
Spike Huber & Steve Regal [2]1982/12
Awarded when the working agreement between WWA and CWA ends.
Jerry Valiant & Abdullah the Great1983/06 *
Dick the Bruiser & Jeff Van Kamp1984/01/07Indianapolis, IN
Wild Warriors: Mad Maxx & Super Maxx 1984/08<
Dick the Bruiser & Bobby Colt1985/03<
Wild Hoggs: J.R. Hoggs & King Harley Hogg1985/03<
Chris Carter & Stormy Granzig1985/07<
Don Kent & Jerry Graham Jr.1985/07<
Chris Carter & Bobo Brazil
Don Kent & Jerry Graham Jr. [2]
Chris Carter & Calypso Jim1986
Polynesian Wildman & Prince Mama Mohammad1986
Vacant in 86 when Mohammad injured by Dick the Bruiser.
Chris Carter & Denny Kass1986
Defeat Polynesian Wildman & Golden Lion.
Chris Carter & Mohammad Saad
Scott Rechsteiner (Scott Steiner) & Jerry Graham Jr. 1987/10/04
Don Kent & Chris Carter1987/12/06Toledo, OH
Vacant in 87/12 when Kent and Carter split.
Chris Carter & Calypso Jim [2]1988/02/14Toledo, OH
Defeat Don Kent & Jerry Graham Jr..
Mortor City Hitmen: Mickey Doyle & Al Snow1989/04/16Toledo, OH

* See also WWA Superstars Wrestling Tag Team Title.