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National Championship Wrestling
Tag Team Title

Body Count: Rick Savage & Rusty Riddle 1997/03<
Vacant on 97/05/01 when the team splits.
Ghetto Boys: D. Rock & Cain G. 1997/07/24Sylva, NC
Win 3-way match against Body Count: Rick Savage & David Young and Rough Cut: Rusty Riddle & Dave Jericho.
Vacant in 99/06<.
Boogaloo Crew: Scotty Wren & J.C. Dazz 1999/07/03Cornelia, GA
Win 3-way match against Armageddon and Road Hoggs.
Rick Michaels & David Young1999/10/30Cornelia, GA
Road Hoggs: Joe Harley & Pan Head Nelson 1999/11/20Cornelia, GA
Unified with NWA Wildside/Georgia Tag Team Title.