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Last updated on 2014/08/15

Macon Tag Team Title

Cyclone Soto & Roberto Soto1969/09/16Macon, GA
Defeat Super Assailants and the Assassins in a round-robin match to become the first champions.
Homer O'Dell & Buddy Colt1970/01/13Macon, GA
Joe Scarpa & El Mongol1970/03/17Macon, GA
Buddy Colt & Karl Von Stroheim1970/06/16Macon, GA
Bill Dromo & Alberto Torres1970/08/18Macon, GA
Buddy Colt & Skandor Akbar1970/08/25Macon, GA
Bob Armstrong & Paul DeMarco1970/11/24Macon, GA
Assassins1970/12/15Macon, GA
Bob Armstrong & El Mongol1971/01/12Macon, GA
Buddy Colt & Big Bad John1971/10/19Macon, GA
Bill Dromo & Bob Armstrong1971/11/16Macon, GA
Rocket Monroe & Flash Monroe1972/01/25Macon, GA
Bill Dromo & Bob Armstrong [2]1972/04/25Macon, GA
Assassins [2]1972/05/09Macon, GA
Bob Armstrong & Argentina Apollo1972/08/22Macon, GA
Rocket Monroe & Skandor Akbar1972/09/05Macon, GA
Tommy Seigler & Argentina Apollo1972/11/14Macon, GA
Vacant in 72/11 when Seigler & Apollo leave the promotion.
Super Infernos1973/02/27Macon, GA
Wins 12-team tournament.
Bill Dromo & Bob Armstrong [3]1973/07/17Macon, GA
Super Infernos [2]1973/08/07Macon, GA
Tim Woods & Mr. Wrestling II1973/10/30Macon, GA
Bobby Shane & Gorgeous George Jr.1973/11/06Macon, GA
Brad Armstrong & Roberto Soto 1973/12/17 Macon, GA
Samoans: Reno Tufuli & Tio Taylor 1974/01/15 Macon, GA
Vacant in 74.
Jerry Lawler & Mr. Wrestling II1974/03/03Macon, GA
Win tournament.
Mr. Wrestling I & Bob Armstrong1974/03/26Macon, GA
Vacant in 74/05.
Ron Garvin & Terry Garvin1974/06/11Macon, GA
Win tournament.
Tom Jones & Roberto Soto1974/09/24Macon, GA
Ole & Gene Anderson
Buddy Colt & Harley Race1974/11/12Macon, GA
Rocky Johnson & Danny Little Bear 1974/12/03Macon, GA
Mighty Yankees1974/12/31Macon, GA
Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden1975/01/21Macon, GA
Ron Garvin & Roger Kirby1975/02/04Macon, GA
Don Muraco & Robert Fuller1975/02/18Macon, GA
Jerry Lawler & Don Greene1975/03/09Macon, GA
Mr. Wrestling I & II1975/07/22Macon, GA
Defeat Jerry Lawler & Bob Orton.
Dick Slater & Bob Orton Jr.1975/07/29Macon, GA
Nikolai Volkoff & Brute Bernard 1975/10/25 Griffin, GA
Vacant in 75/12.
Luke Graham & Moondog Mayne1975/12/11Macon, GA
Win tournament.

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