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Last updated on 2014/11/04

NWA Global Tag Team Title

Jim Garvin & John Studd 1982/10/30Tampa, FL
Win 8-team tournament.
Ron Bass & Barry Windham 1982/11/14 Orlando, FL
Fabulous Kangaroos: Don Kent & Johnny Heffernan 1983/01/05Miami, FL
Terry Allen & Scott McGhee1983/01/18Tampa, FL
Fabulous Kangaroos [2]1983/01/25Miami, FL
Terry Allen & Midnight Rider (Dusty Rhodes)1983/02/15Tampa, FL
Terry Allen & Scott McGhee [2]1983/02/15
Rider gives his share of title to McGee.
Fabulous Kangaroos [3]1983/03/08Tampa, FL
Terry Allen & Scott McGhee [3]1983/03/31Tampa, FL
Fabulous Kangaroos [4]1983/04
Terry Allen & Brad Armstrong1983/04/13Miami, FL
Angelo Mosca & Bobby Duncum1983/05/08W. Palm Beach, FL
Mike Graham & Scott McGhee1983/07/05Tampa, FL
Muslim Connection: Elijah Akeem & Kareem Muhammad 1983/07/31Orlando, FL
Later renamed Zambuie Express; replaced with the United States Title in 83/09.

* See the United States Tag Team Title.