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Last updated on 2013/06/12

NWA Florida Brass Knuckles Title

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Eddie Graham 1960/04
Mike DiBiase1960/04/19Tampa, FL
Eddie Graham [2] 1960/04/16 Tampa, FL
Still champion as of 60/12/13.
Johnny Valentine1968/04/23Tampa, FL
Defeats Eddie Graham.
Eddie Graham [3]1968/06/10Orlando, FL
Boris Malenko1968/07/04Jacksonville, FL
Joe Scarpa (Jay Strongbow)1968/07/30Tampa, FL
Boris Malenko [2]1968/08/22Jacksonville, FL
Jose Lothario1968/11/04Orlando, FL
Boris Malenko [3]1968/11/18Orlando, FL
The Gladiator (Rick Hunter)1969/04/03Jacksonville, FL
Boris Malenko [4]1969/04/17Jacksonville, FL
Joe Scarpa [2]1969/04/23Miami, FL
Boris Malenko [5]1969/06/25Miami, FL
Beautiful Brutus (Bugsy McGraw) 1969/09/03Miami, FL
Dale Lewis1969/11/04Tampa, FL
Don Curtis1969/11/20Jacksonville, FL
Missouri Mauler1969/12/11Jacksonville, FL
Danny Miller1970/01/06Tampa, FL
Missouri Mauler [2] 1970/02/17 Tampa, FL
Bob Orton 1970/03
Sometime after 70/03/17.
Missouri Mauler [3] 1970/04/02Jacksonville, FL
Jose Lothario [2]1970/05/02San Juan, PR
Thunderbolt Patterson1970/05/26Tampa, FL
Jose Lothario [3]1970/08/22San Juan, PR
Dusty Rhodes1970/12/01Tampa, FL
Stripped in 70/12.
Tarzan Tyler1970/12/22Tampa, FL
Defeats Thunderbolt Patterson in 5-man tournament final.
Ciclon Negro 1971/01/30 Miami, FL
Boris Malenko [6] 1971/02/23 Tampa, FL
Joe Lothario 1971/03/12? Tallahassee, FL?
Boris Malenko [7]1971/03/23Tampa, FL
The Champion (Tarzan Tyler) [2] 1971/04/21Miami, FL
Dale Lewis [2]1971/05/05Miami, FL
Bob Roop1971/06/12Jacksonville, FL
Bobby Duncum1971/07/01Jacksonville, FL
George Gaiser1971/12/14Tampa, FL
Bobby Duncum [2]1971/12/21Tampa, FL
Boris Malenko [7]1972/01/27Tampa, FL
Bearcat Wright1972/03/28Tampa, FL
Boris Malenko [8]1972/05/15Orlando, FL
Paul Jones1972/06/06Tampa, FL
Jack Brisco1972/06/13Tampa, FL
Title retired after the match..
Dusty Rhodes * 1972/12<
Stripped in 72/12 for becoming violently abusive with NWA President Sam Muchnick.
Tarzan Tyler * 1972/12/22Tampa, FL
Wins tournament.
Killer Karl Kox1975
Wins tournament.
Rocky Johnson1976
Rocky Johnson [2] 1978/03/07 Tampa, FL
Defeats Bobby Duncum.
Killer Karl Kox 1978/03/14Tampa, FL
Steve Keirn1978/10/02W. Palm Beach, FL
Killer Karl Kox [2] 1978
Sonny King 1979/02<
Sometime after 79/01/24.
Killer Karl Kox [2] 1979/05<
Dick Slater1980/10<
Ciclon Negro [2]1982/05<
Blackjack Mulligan1983/09<
Defeats Kareem Muhammad.
Black Bart1984/01
Blackjack Mulligan [2]1984/05/05St. Petersburg, FL
Panama Gang (One Man Gang)1984/11<

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