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NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling Tag Team Title ( 1992/06 - 1994/09 )
Extreme Championship Wrestling World Tag Team Title ( 1994/09 - 2001/04 )

The Super Destroyers1992/06/23Philadelphia, PA
Defeat Max Thrasher & Glenn Osbourne in tournament final.
Larry Winters & Tony Stetson1993/04/02Radnor, PA
Johnny Hot Body & Chris Candido1993/04/03Radnor, PA
Chris Michaels joins Hot Body & Candido to defend the title in various combinations.
The Super Destroyers [2]1993/05/15Philadelphia, PA
Defeat Johnny Hot Body & Chris Michaels.
Johnny Hot Body & Chris Michaels1993/05/15Philadelphia, PA
Vacant in 93/07 when Candido. who was still in trio, jumps to SMW.
Eddie Gilbert & Dark Patriot1993/08/07Philadelphia, PA
Defeat Super Destroyers in tournament final.
Johnny Hot Body & Tony Stetson1993/10/01
Awarded after Gilberts quit ECW.
Tommy Dreamer & Johnny Gunn1993/11/13Philadelphia, PA
Kevin Sullivan & Tazmaniac1993/12/04Philadelphia, PA
Defeat Dreamer & Shane Douglas; titleheld-up with Bruise Brothers on 94/02/05.
Kevin Sullivan & Tazmaniac [2]1994/03/05
Defeat Bruise Brothers in rematch.
Public Enemy: Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge1994/03/06Philadelphia, PA
Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck1994/08/27Philadelphia, PA
Renamed to Extreme Championship Wrestling World Tag Team title.
Public Enemy [2]1994/11/05Philadelphia, PA
Sabu & Tazmaniac1995/02/04Philadelphia, PA
Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko1995/02/25Philadelphia, PA
Public Enemy [3]1995/04/08Philadelphia, PA
Win triangle match against Benoit & Malenko and Taz & Rick Steiner.
Raven & Stevie Richards1995/06/30Jim Thorpe, PA
Pitbulls1995/09/16Philadelphia, PA
Raven & Stevie Richards [2]1995/10/07Philadelphia, PA
Public Enemy [4]1995/10/07Philadelphia, PA
Win triangle match against Raven & Richards and Gangstas.
2 Cold Scorpio & Sandman1995/10/28Philadelphia, PA
2 Cold wins match where both TV title and tag belts at stake over Rocco Rock.
Mikey Whipwreck & Cactus Jack [2]1995/12/29New York, NY
Whipwreck wins match over 2 Cold Scorpio where both TV title and Tag Team titles are on the line; after match, Cactus appoints himself as Whipwreck's partner.
The Eliminators: Saturn & Kronos1996/02/03New York, NY
The Gangstas: New Jack & Mustafa1996/08/03Philadelphia, PA
The Eliminators [2]1996/12/20Middletown, NY
Dudley Boys: Buh-Buh Ray & D-Von1997/03/15Philadelphia, PA
The Eliminators [3]1997/04/13Philadelphia, PA
Dudley Boys [2]1997/06/20Waltham, MA
The Gangstas [2]1997/07/19Philadelphia, PA
Vacant in 97/08 when Mustafa Saed leaves the promotion.
Dudley Boys [3]1997/08/17Fort Lauderdale, FL
Defeat PG-13.
New Jack & John Kronus1997/09/20Philadelphia, PA
FBI: Tracy Smothers & Little Guido1997/10/18Philadelphia, PA
Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon1997/12/05Waltham, MA
Chris Candido & Lance Storm1997/12/06Philadelphia, PA
Defeat Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon and Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney in a Three Way Dance.
Sabu & Rob Van Dam1998/06/27Philadelphia, PA
Dudley Boys [4]1998/10/24Cleveland, OH
Masato Tanaka & Balls Mahoney1998/11/01New Orleans, LA
Dudley Boys [5]1998/11/06New York, NY
Sabu & Rob Van Dam [2]1998/12/13Tokyo, JPN
Dudley Boys [6]1999/04/17Buffalo, NY
D-Von Dudley defeats Rob Van Dam in a singles match.
Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley1999/07/18Dayton, OH
Dudley Boys [7]1999/08/13Cleveland, OH
Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley [2]1999/08/14Toledo, OH
Dudley Boys [8]1999/08/26Queens, NY
Raven & Tommy Dreamer1999/08/26Queens, NY
Impact Players: Justin Credible & Lance Storm2000/01/09Birmingham, AL
Tommy Dreamer & Masato Tanaka2000/02/26Cincinnati, OH
Raven & Mike Awesome2000/03/04Philadelphia, PA
Impact Players [2]2000/03/12Danbury, CT
Defeat Raven & Awesome and Tommy Dreamer & Masato Tanaka in a Three Way Dance; Credible vacates the title on 00/04/22.
Yoshihiro Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck2000/08/25New York, NY
Defeat Tommy Dreamer & Jerry Lynn and Simon Diamond & Swinger in a three way match in a one-night tournament final.
FBI: Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke2000/08/26New York, NY
Danny Doring & Amish Roadkill2000/12/03New York, NY
Promotion closes in 01/04.