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NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Title ( 1992/04 - 1994/09 )
Extreme Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Title ( 1994/09 - 2010/02 )

Jimmy Snuka1992/04/25Tabor, PA
Defeats Sal Bellomo after they each win separate battle royals to determine finalists.
Johnny Hot Body1992/04/26Philadelphia, PA
Jimmy Snuka [2]1992/07/14Philadelphia, PA
Don Muraco1992/09/30Philadelphia, PA
The Sandman1992/11/16Philadelphia, PA
Don Muraco [2]1993/04/03Radnor, PA
Tito Santana 1993/08/08Philadelphia, PA
Shane Douglas1993/09/09Roanoke, VA *
Wins by forfeit.
Sabu1993/10/02Philadelphia, PA
Terry Funk1993/12/26Philadelphia, PA
Shane Douglas [2]1994/03/26Devon, PA
Pins Funk in 8-man war game match with Douglas & Mr. Hughes & Public Enemy vs Funk & Hawk & Kevin Sullivan & Tazmaniac; defeats 2 Cold Scorpio on 94/08/27 in Philadelphia in the revived NWA World heavyweight championship tournament final, but immediately vacates it and elevates the ECW title to World title status instead; ECW immediately announces the withdrawal of NWA; renamed to Extreme Championship Wrestling in 94/09.
The Sandman [2]1995/04/15Philadelphia, PA
Mikey Whipwreck1995/10/28Philadelphia, PA
The Sandman [3]1995/12/09Philadelphia, PA
Wins triangle match over Whipwreck and Steve Austin.
Raven1996/01/27Philadelphia, PA
The Sandman [4]1996/10/05Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Stevie Richards in a tag match with Sandman & Tommy Dreamer vs. Richards & Brian Lee when Raven no-shows.
Raven [2]1996/12/07Philadelphia, PA
Terry Funk [2]1997/04/13Philadelphia, PA
Sabu [2]1997/08/09Philadelphia, PA
Shane Douglas [3]1997/08/17Fort Lauderdale, FL
Defeats Terry Funk and Sabu in a 3-Way Dance.
Bam Bam Bigelow1997/10/16Queens, NY
Shane Douglas [4]1997/11/30Monaca, PA
Taz1999/01/10Kissimmee, FL
Mike Awesome1999/09/19Villa Park, IL
Defeats Taz and Masato Tanaka in a Three Way Dance.
Masato Tanaka1999/12/17Nashville, TN
Mike Awesome [2]1999/12/23White Plains, NY
Tazz [2]2000/04/13Indianapolis, IN
Tommy Dreamer2000/04/22Philadelphia, PA
Justin Credible2000/04/22Philadelphia, PA
Jerry Lynn2000/10/01St. Paul, MN
Steve Corino2000/11/05Villa Park, IL
Defeats Justin Credible in a Double Jeopardy match, in which Lynn faces Credible while Corino wrestles The Sandman in the same ring at the same time with the two winners meet for the title.
The Sandman [5]2001/01/07New York, NY
Defeats Corino and Justin Credible.
Rhino2001/01/07New York, NY
Promotion closes in 01/04.
Rob Van Dam2006/06/13Trenton, NJ
Awarded for winning WWE World Heavyweight Title by defeating John Cena on 06/06/11 in New York, NY; WWE retarts ECW as its television show.
Big Show2006/07/04Philadelphia, PA
Bobby Lashley2006/12/03Augusta, GA
Wins Elimination Chamber match, defeating Big Show, C.M. Punk, Bob Holly, Test, and Rob Van Dam.
Vince McMahon2007/04/29Atlanta, GA
A wrestling promoter; teams with Shane McMahon & Umaga in a 3-on-1 handicap match to pin Lashley.
Bobby Lashley [2]2007/06/03Jacksonville, FL
Stripped on 07/06/11 when Lashley is drafted to RAW.
John Morrison2007/06/24Houston, TX
Substitutes Chris Benoit who can not wrestle in the tournament final for personal reasons and defeats C.M. Punk; initially wrestles as Johnny Nitro and renames himself on 07/07/17.
C.M. Punk2007/09/01Cincinnati, OH
Chavo Guerrero Jr.2008/01/22Charlottesville, VA
Kane2008/03/30Orlando, FL
Mark Henry 2008/06/29 Dallas, TX
Defeats Kane and the Big Show in a 3-way match.
Matt Hardy 2008/09/07 Cleveland, OH
Defeats Henry, Chavo Guerrero Jr., The Miz, and Finlay in a 5-man scramble match.
Jack Swagger 2009/01/12 Sioux City, IA
Christian 2009/04/26 Providence, RI
Tommy Dreamer [2] 2009/06/07 New Orleans, LA
Defeats Christian and Jack Swagger in a 3-way match.
Christian [2] 2009/07/26 Philadelphia, PA
Ezekiel Jackson 2010/02/16 Kansas City, MO
Wins the title during the final ECW program run by WWE.