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Last updated on 2011/01/29

San Joaquin Valley Tag Team Title

* Often billed as Central California Title in 1955.

Bud Curtis & Ben Sharpe54/08/21<
Still champions as of 54/09/11.
Ben Sharpe & Mike Sharpe55/01/15<
Enrique Torres & Ramon Torres 55/01/29Fresno, CA
Still champions as of 55/02/05.
Gene Kiniski & Lord James Blears55/04/16<
Jesus Ortega & Vic Christy55/04/30Fresno, CA
Gene Kiniski & Lee Henning55/07/02Fresno, CA
Ron Etchison & Vincent Lopez 56<
Vacant when Etchison & Lopez fail defend for several months.
Enrique Torres & Sandor Kovacs56/06/09Fresno, CA
Defeat Gene Kiniski & Bill Miller.
Bill Miller & Ed Miller56/07/14Fresno, CA
Enrique Torres & Ron Etchison56/08/04Fresno, CA
Ben Sharpe & Mike Sharpe [2] 56/09/28<  
Sometime after 56/09/08.
Bobo Brazil & Enrique Torres56/10/06Fresno, CA
Still champions as of 57/02/02.

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