Facts within a Myth

a biography by Steve Yohe


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I want to thank the major researchers who's work is the backbone of this project. J Michael Kenyon is the major collector of Strangler Lewis information and he guide me during the year I worked on this project. I always consider Ed Lewis to be his baby and I never would have taken the task, if he hadn't given me the permission. I've lived off the research of Don Luce for years and he's helped me in every project I've ever worked on. Also want to say thanks to Mark Hewitt who's specialty is the time period I enjoy the most. Dan Anderson was a huge help in writing the early history of Bob Friedrich's career in Wisconsin. Other names I should mention are Koji Miyamoto (Lou Thesz's unofficial son and historian), Tim Hornbaker, Steve Johnson, Scott Teal, Greg Oliver, Kit Bauman, Jack Cavanaugh (author of the great boxing book, TUNNEY), John Williams, Haruo Yamaguchi, Dave Meltzer, Fred Hornby, Libnan Ayoub, Alex Meyer (Stecher historian), Frankie Cain, Mark Nulty (of Wrestling Classics.com), Steve Phersons (whoever you are) and my wife Maria Yohe. Also should mention the staff of the Amateur Athletic Foundation's Paul Ziffren Sports Library, mainly Mike Salmon and Shannon Boyd. I and all the names above, are dedicated to seeing that pro wrestling has a written history, something thought impossible 15 years ago.