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Last updated on 2017/07/15

New Zealand Heavyweight Title

Gisborne Katene 1919 Gisborne
Defeats Frank Findlay; vacant.
Mohomet Sunni 1922/08/15<  
Ike Robin 1925/03/16Auckland
Vacates in 26 upon retirement (sometime after 26/09).
Tom Alley1929
Loses to Stanley Pinto in tournament final on 31/11/23 in Wellington (see below).
George Walker 1931/11<
Vacates on 37/11/23 upon retirement.
Stanley Pinto 1931/11/23 Wellington
Defeats Tom Alley in tournament final; vacant in 32 when Pinto does not return for the season to defend the title.
Lofty Blomfield 1936/05/25<
Dean Detton 1938/08/22 Auckland
Lofty Blomfield [2] 1938/08/27 Auckland
Also defeats another claimant Pat Fraley on 38/09/10 in Auckland; wins tournament to become undisputed champion in 38/10; vacates on 49/06/07 upon retirement.
Ken Kenneth1949/06/22
Awarded; stripped in 58/06 after not defending the belt for over a year.
Dick Hrstich1958/06/11Christchurch
Defeats Fred Wright; vacant in 59/10 when Hrstich leaves the country and does not defent the title.
Keita Meretana1959/10/03Tauranga
Defeats Lofty Binnie.
Ken Kenneth [2]1960/06Auckland
Vacant in 60/10 when Kenneth leaves the country.
Al Hobman1960/10/26Wellington
Defeats John DaSilva; vacant.
Steve Rickard 1963/11<
Defeats Peter Maivia.
Peter Maivia1964/08/03Auckland
Steve Rickard [2]1964/08/06Wellington
Al Hobman [2]1964
John DaSilva1967/09/07Wellington
Vacant in 78 when DaSilva wrestles overseas.
Siva Afi1978/04/23Auckland
Defeats John DaSilva in tournament final.
Steve Rickard [3]1983
Rip Morgan1983/09/08Auckland
Defeats Samoan Joe in tournament final.
Bruno Bekkar1985/09<
Wins tournament.
Johnny Garcia
Bruno Bekkar [2]1987/12/12Auckland
Johnny Garcia [2]1988/11/26
Bruno Bekkar [3]1990
A.J. Freeley1992/11/22
Still/again holds the title as of 99/01.

* See also NZWPW New Zealand Heavyweight Title.