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Last updated on 2015/05/15

The Records of
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1970 <<

Danny Hodge [4]

01/09 Joplin, MO Jerry Miller W (2-1; COR in 3rd)
04/10 Joplin, MO Treach Phillips W
04/12 Shreveport, LA Dr. X (Jim Osborne)W
04/19 Shreveport, LA Dr. X (Jim Osborne) W
04/24 Joplin, MO Jerry Miller W
05/05 Hope, AR The Spoiler  
05/06 Wichita Falls, TX Jerry Miller  
05/20New Orleans, LARoger KirbyL

Roger Kirby

06/07Shreveport, LAJack Curtis Jr.W
06/24 Greenville, MS Tom Jones D (DCOR)
06/28Shreveport, LAAntonio RoccaW
07/02 Oklahoma City, OK Ramon Torres W
07/14 Greenville, MS Tom Jones D (60min)
07/26Shreveport, LATom JonesD (120min)
08/02Shreveport, LARamon TorresW
08/03 Little Rock, AR Danny Hodge L (DQ)
08/20 Oklahoma City, OK Danny Hodge L (DQ?)
08/30Shreveport, LADanny HodgeL (COR)
09/02 New Orleans, LA Danny Hodge W
09/03 Oklahoma City, OK Danny Hodge D
09/10Oklahoma City, OKRamon TorresL

Ramon Torres

09/13 Shreveport, LA Vic Muehler D
09/23 Greenville, MS Roger Kirby W
11/13 Joplin, MO Terry Garvin  
12/03Oklahoma City, OKDr. X (Jim Osborne)L

>> 1972