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Last updated on 2015/08/19

The Records of
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1967 <<

Danny Hodge [3]

03/16 Joplin, MO Jack Donovan W
03/29 Oklahoma City, OKMr. Ito (Umanosuke Ueda)W
03/30Joplin, MOJack BriscoW
04/06 Joplin, MO Jack Brisco W
05/11 Joplin, MO Ron Reed W
06/17 Tulsa, OK Mr. Ito (Umanosuke Ueda) W
07/19Oklahoma City, OKRon ReedW
07/22Tulsa, OKRon Reed W
07/29 Tulsa, OK Jack Donovan
08/19 Tulsa, OK Jack Donovan W
08/24 Fayetteville, AR Ron Reed
09/20 St. Joseph, MO Reuben Lopez  
09/26 Gladewater, TX Jack Donovan  
10/04 Oklahoma City, OK Jack Donovan W
10/05 Omaha, NE Mike DiBiase (non-title?)W
10/07 Tulsa, OK Ron Reed W
10/08 Little Rock, AR Ron Reed W
10/09 Springfield, MO Jack Donovan W
10/11Oklahoma City, OKJack DonovanW
11/18 Tulsa, OK El Diablo W
11/22 Oklahoma City, OK Ron Reed D (time limit)
11/25Tulsa, OKRon Reed W

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