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Last updated on 2014/05/26

The Records of
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1964 <<

Angelo Savoldi [5]

01/18 Tulsa, OK Mike Clancy W
01/30 Joplin, MO John Gudiski W
02/01 Tulsa, OK Jack Donovan (non-title?) W
02/08 Tulsa, OK Jack Donovan (non-title?) D
02/12 Oklahoma City, OK Danny Hodge NC
02/15 Tulsa, OK Jack Donovan (non-title?)
02/27 Joplin, MO Tim Woods L (DQ in 3rd)
03/02 Little Rock, AR Joe McCarthy (non-title?) W
03/06 Joplin, MO Tim Woods NC
03/13 Joplin, MO Tim Woods W
03/16 Monroe, LA Red McKim (non-title?)
03/17 Ft. Smith, AR Jack Donovan (non-title?)
03/19 Oklahoma City, OK Tony Manos  
03/23 Monroe, LA Red McKim (non-title?) W
03/24 Ft. Smith, AR Jack Donovan (non-title?)
03/26 Oklahoma City, OK Tony Manos  
03/30 Monroe, LA Jack Donovan (non-title?)
04/10 Joplin, MO Red McKim W
04/21 Ft. Smith, AR Danny Hodge
04/23 Oklahoma City, OK Danny Hodge D
04/26 Tulsa, OK Jack Donovan (non-title?) D
04/28 Springfield, MO Danny Hodge L
04/30 Oklahoma City, OK Danny Hodge L
It is yet to be confirmed which of these matches was for the title change.

Danny Hodge [2]

05/03 Tulsa, OK Angelo Savoldi W
05/05 Springfield, MO Jack Donovan (non-title?) D
05/07 Phoenix, AZ Don Arnold W
05/08 Joplin, MO Angelo Savoldi W
05/10 Tulsa, OK Angelo Savoldi W
05/11 Little Rock, AR Angelo Savoldi W
05/12 Springfield, MO Angelo Savoldi W
05/14 Oklahoma City, OK Angelo Savoldi (non-title?) W
05/17 Memphis, TN Tom Bradley (non-title?) W
05/18 Nashville, TN Mickey Sharpe (non-title?) W
05/19 Kingsport, TNMickey Sharpe
05/20 Chattanooga, TN Black Phantom W
05/26 Kingsport, TN Al Gomez
05/31Memphis, TN Mitsu Hirai W (DQ)
06/02Kingsport, TNRon WrightNC
06/05Chattanooga, TNTojo Yamamoto
06/09Kingsport, TNRon Wright
06/16Kingsport, TNAlex Perez
06/17Chattanooga, TNGori Guerrero W
07/01Chattanooga, TNChin LeeD
07/24Minneapolis, MN (AWA)Gene AndersonW
08/05 Sidney, IA (AWA) Eddie Sharkey  
08/07 Minneapolis, MN (AWA) Rene Goulet (non-title?) W (23:30)
08/21 St. Paul, MN (AWA) Eddie Sharkey (non-title?) W
09/14 Salt Lake City, UT Cowboy Kirk
09/18 Omaha, NE (AWA) Rene Goulet (non-title?) W
10/02 Omaha, NE (AWA) Bob Rader (non-title?) W
11/05 Oklahoma City, OK Sputnik Monroe W
11/11 Wichita Falls, TX Jerry Kozak (non-title?)
11/15 Tulsa, OK Sputnik Monroe (non-title?) D
11/20 Joplin, MO Jerry Kozak W
11/22 Tulsa, OK Lorenzo Parente (non-title?)
11/24 Springfield, MO Lorenzo Parente (non-title?) W
11/25 Wichita Falls, TX Jerry Kozak W (2-1)
12/03 Oklahoma City, OK Jerry Kozak W
12/07 Tulsa, OK Jerry Kozak W
12/14 Tulsa, OK Tom Bradley W
12/15 Springfield, MO Lorenzo Parente (non-title?) W
12/17 Oklahoma City, OK Joe McCarthy (non-title?) W
12/18 Joplin, MO Jerry Kozak L (DQ)
12/20 Tulsa, OK Lorenzo Parente (non-title?) W
12/25 Oklahoma City, OK Mike Clancy W
12/27 Tulsa, OK Nikita Mulkovich W
12/29 Springfield, MO Joe McCarthy (non-title?)

>> 1966

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