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Last updated on 2013/01/29

The Records of
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1956 <<

Mike Clancy

01/18 Oklahoma City, OK Paul DeGalles W
02/01 Florence, AL Tor Yamato  
02/16 Chattanooga, TNTex RileyW (2-0)
02/23Chattanooga, TNTor YamatoNC
02/26Nashville, TNCorsica JeanW
03/02Chattanooga, TNFred BlassieD
03/05Nashville, TNFred BlassieD
03/16Chattanooga, TNAl GalentoW
03/26Nashville, TNFred BlassieL (held up)
03/29 Florence, AL Red Berry W (2-1)
03/30Chattanooga, TNEl Gorilla (Mike Torres)W
04/09Nashville, TNFred BlassieW
04/20Chattanooga, TNFred BlassieW (2-0)
05/03 Oklahoma City, OK Angelo Savoldi
05/10 Oklahoma City, OK Angelo Savoldi
05/20Memphis, TNCon Bruno W (2-0)
05/24 Oklahoma City, OK Red Berry
06/01 Kansas City, KS Angelo Savoldi W (2-1)
06/07 Oklahoma City, OK Red Berry W (pin)
06/14 Oklahoma City, OK Red Berry W
07/12 Oklahoma City, OK Tony Austeri W
08/26Memphis, TNThe Bat (Pat Malone)W
09/03Nashville, TNJackie FargoW
10/15Nashville, TNWild Bill CannyW
10/19Chattanooga, TNBlack Bat (Pat O'Brien)
11/12Nashville, TNFred BlassieL (held up)
11/15 Florence, AL Jackie Fargo W (2-1 DQ)
11/19Nashville, TNFred BlassieW
11/19 Gadsden, AL Tor Yamato  
11/26Nashville, TNFred BlassieW
12/07Chattanooga, TNTony Martin
12/14Chattanooga, TNBlack Bat (Pat O'Brien)W
12/21Chattanooga, TNDon Fargo

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