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Last updated on 2013/02/28

The Records of
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1982 <<

Ric Flair


01/01 Charlotte, NC (aft) Roddy Piper W
01/01 St. Louis (eve) Bruce Reed W
01/02 Greensboro, NC (aft) Roddy Piper NC
01/03 W. Palm Beach, FL Barry Windham L (DQ)
01/04 Tampa, FL Barry Windham L (DQ)
01/05 Miami, FL Rufus Jones W (DQ)
01/06 San Juan, PR Carlos Colon L
01/09 Santo Domingo, DOM Jack Veneno L (DQ)
01/10 W. Palm Beach, FL Barry Windham W
01/12 Miami, FL Ron Bass W
01/14 Orlando, FL Midnight Rider L
01/15 Tampa, FL Barry Windham W
01/17 Wichita, KS Harley Race
01/18 Joplin, MO Harley Race NC
01/19 Decatur, AL Harley Race W (DQ)
01/20 Kansas City, KS Bruiser Brody D
01/22 Atlanta, GA Bruce Reed L
01/24 Charleston, SC WVA Bruce Reed W (DQ)
01/25? Canton, OH Paul Orndorff W
01/25 Charleston, WV Butch Reed W (DQ)
01/29 Columbus, OH Bruce Reed W (DQ)
02/02 Lawton, OK David Von Erich W (DQ)
02/03 Dayton, OH Paul Orndorff W
02/04 Dallas, TX Terry Gordy W
02/05 Seagoville, TX Kevin Von Erich NC
02/06 Fayetteville, NC Ricky Steamboat W
02/07 Greenville, SC Mike Rotundo W
02/08 Columbia, SC Ricky Steamboat W
02/09 Miami, FL Midnight Rider L
Rider (Dusty Rhodes) wins the title but returns the belt when asked to indentify himself by NWA president Bob Geigel.
02/10 Norfolk, VA Ricky Steamboat W
02/11 St. Louis, MO Bruiser Brody D
02/12 Sumter, SC Jimmy Valiant W
02/13 Ft. Myers, FL Barry Windham
02/13 Orlando, FL Andre the Giant D
02/14 W. Palm Beach, FL Barry Windham (cage) W
02/15 Tampa, FL Scott McGhee W
02/17 Ocala, FL Barry Windham W
02/18 Hollywood, FL Barry Windham
02/19 Sarasota, FL Midnight Rider
02/20 Toronto, ON (eve) Terry Funk W
02/24 Auckland, NZD Mark Lewin W (DQ)
02/25 New Plymouth, NZD Mark Lewin
02/26 Christchurch, NZD Mark Lewin
02/27 Dunedin, NZD Mark Lewin W
02/28 Invercargill, NZD Steve Rickard
03/01? Norfolk, VA Angelo Mosca Jr. W
03/02? Charleston, SC Dory Funk Jr. W
03/03 Auckland, NZD Mark Lewin W
03/04 Hamilton, NZD Steve Rickard
03/05 Birmingham, AL Jimmy Golden W
03/10 St. Louis, MO Bruiser Brody NC
03/11 Hampton, VA Dory Funk Jr. W
03/12 Greensboro, NC Greg Valentine D
03/13 Pensacola, FL Ken Lucas W (DQ)
03/14 Birmingham, AL Mr. Olympia D (DDQ)
03/15 Richmond, VA Greg Valentine D
03/17 Toronto, ON Roddy Piper W
03/20 San Antonio, TX Kerry Von Erich (cage) W (DQ)
03/21 Wichita, KS Harley Race W
03/22 Topeka, KS Manny Fernandez
03/24 Kansas City, KS Bruiser Brody W (DQ)
03/25 St. Louis, MO Kerry Von Erich W
03/26 Iola, KS Bob Brown  
03/27 Toronto, ON Roddy Piper W
04/01 Dallas, TX Kevin Von Erich W (DQ)
04/03 Atlanta, GA Tony Atlas NC
04/07 Huntington, WV Tony Atlas W
04/08 Dayton, OH Tony Atlas L
04/09 Cincinnati, OH Tony Atlas L
04/10 Toronto, ON Roddy Piper W (DQ)
04/12 Tampa, FL "Big Daddy" NC
04/13 Miami, FL Barry Windham D
04/16 St. Petersburg, FL Dusty Rhodes W (DQ)
04/17 Orlando, FL Barry Windham D
04/ St. Louis, MO Crusher Blackwell W
04/23 San Juan, PR Pedro Morales
04/24 Asheville, NC Greg Valentine W
04/25 Greenville, SC Dick Slater W (DQ)
04/26 Columbia, SC Jimmy Valiant W (DQ)
04/28 Norfolk, VA Dick Slater W
04/29 St. Louis, MO Jerry Blackwell W (COR)
05/01 Atlanta, GA Tony Atlas L (DQ)
05/02 Beckley, WV Tony Atlas L (DQ)
05/04 Akron, OH Tony Atlas L
05/05 Toledo, OH Tony Atlas L
05/07 Cincinnati, OH (eve) Tommy Rich W (DQ)
05/08 Centralia, WA Billy Jack Haynes W (DQ)
05/09 Longview, WA Buddy Rose W (COR)
05/10 Portland, OR Roddy Piper L
05/11 Seattle, WA Roddy Piper W (DQ)
05/12 Yakima, WA Billy Jack Haynes W (DQ)
05/13 Eugene, OR Billy Jack Haynes W (DQ)
05/15 Toronto, ON Roddy Piper
05/16 Wichita, KS Buzz Tyler W (DQ)
05/19 Kansas City, KS Harley Race W
05/20 St. Joseph, MO Dewey Robertson W
05/21 Ft. Scott, KS Manny Fernandez  
05/22 Pensacola, FL Jimmy Golden  
05/23 Birmingham, AL Austin Idol W
05/24 Mobile, AL Austin Idol W
05/26 Norfolk, VA Greg Valentine W
05/27 Richmond, VA Greg Valentine W
05/28 Charlotte, NC Greg Valentine L (DQ)
05/29 Asheville, NC (aft) Greg Valentine L
05/29 Toronto, ON (eve) Greg Valentine W
06/06 Ohtsu, JPN Bruiser Brody NC
06/08 Tokyo, JPN Jumbo Tsuruta L
Tsuruta only wins by one fall.
Flair is said to have traded the title against Carlos Colon in Puerto Rico and Victor Jovica in TRINIDAD in 1982 and 83.
06/10 St. Louis, MO Harley Race L


06/17 Dallas, TX Kevin Von Erich W (DQ)
06/19 Orlando, FL Dusty Rhodes W
06/22 Miami, FL Dusty Rhodes W
06/24 Toronto, ON Ric Flair W (DQ)
06/30 Cleveland, OH Stan Hansen D (DCOR)
07/01 Dayton, OH Stan Hansen D (DCOR)
07/02 Greensboro, NC Ric Flair L (DQ)
07/03 Savannah, GA Ric Flair L (DQ)
07/04 Greenville, SC Ric Flair NC
07/05 Raleigh, NC Ric Flair NC
07/06 Sumter, SC Ric Flair NC
07/08 Richmond, VA Ric Flair W (DQ)
07/09 Charlotte, NC Ric Flair NC
07/10 Asheville, NC (aft) Ric Flair NC
07/10 Toronto, ON (eve) Ric Flair W (DQ)
07/14 Kansas City, KS Ric Flair L
07/17 Greensboro, NC Ric Flair W (DQ)
07/22 Richmond, VA Ric Flair W (DQ)
07/23 Charlotte, NC Ric Flair W (DQ)
07/24? Asheville, NC Ricky Steamboat W
07/24 Toronto, ON Ric Flair L (DQ)
07/30 San Juan, PR Gran Apolo
08/05 St. Louis, MO Ric Flair L
08/24 Miami, FL Dusty Rhodes
08/25 Ft. Myers, FL Barry Windham
09 St. Petersburg, FL Dusty Rhodes D
09 Dallas, TX Iceman King Parsons W (DQ)
09/07 Miami, FL Ric Flair L
09/17 Dallas, TX Kevin Von Erich W
09/18 Toronto, ON Mike Rotundo W
San Juan, PR Carlos Colon D (time limit)
10/08 St. Louis, MO Hulk Hogan L (DQ)
10 Seatle, WA Billy Jack L
10/15 Ft. Scott, KS Buzz Tyler  
10/18 Toronto, ON Mike Rotunda W
10/22 Portland, OR Billy Jack D
10/26 Morioka, JPN Jumbo Tsuruta D (DDQ)
10/31 Aizu-Wakamatsu, JPNTed DeBiase W
11/24 Greensboro, NC Ric Flair L


11/25 St. Louis, MO David Von Erich W
11/27 San Antonio, TX Kevin Von Erich L
11/28 Ft. Worth, TX David Von Erich L
12/03 eCleveland, OH (ve) Pez Whatley D (60min)
12/04 Columbus, GA (aft) Pez Whatley D
12/04 Atlanta, GA (eve) Tommy Rich W
12/05 Augusta, GA Tommy Rich W
12/06 Macon, GA Pez Whatley W
12/10 Nagoya, JPN Jumbo Tsuruta D
12/12 Tokyo, JPN The Great Kabuki L (DQ)
12/15 Dallas, TX Kerry Von Erich L (?)
12/16 Birmingham, AL Bob Armstrong W
12/18 Bayamón, PR Carlos Colon L (?)
12/25 Dallas, TX David Von Erich L (DQ)
12/29 Kansas City, KS Bruiser Brody L (DQ)

>> 1984

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