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Universal Wrestling Association
World Junior Heavyweight Title
(as of 2014/04/01)

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El Solitario1982
Enrique Vera1983
The Killer1988/08/14
Enrique Vera [2]1988/09/14Mexico City
The Killer [2]1989/07/23Mexico City
Astro de Oro1990/02/25GUA
Dr. Wagner Jr.1990/05/20GUA
Astro de Oro [2]1990/07/15Mexico City
Dr. Wagner Jr. [2]1990/07/22Naucalpan
Enrique Vera [2]1991/02/25Puebla
The Killer [3]1992/02/09Naucalpan
Villano III1992/06/21Naucalpan
Shu El Guerrero1992/08/07Nezahualcoyotl
Negro Navarro1993/12/27Puebla
Stripped when Navarro jumps to PROMELL.
Mr. Jack1995/06/30Nezahualcoyotl
Blue Demon Jr.1998<PAN
Defeats Black Demon.
Pablo Marquez
Pablo Marquez [2]2001/02/10<
Super Crazy2001/02/24Bayamon, PR
Also holds IWA World Title, which Crazy has won by defeating Sean Hill on 00/12/10 in Moca, PR; vacates both titles on 01/12/08.
Lobo (Andy Anderson) 2001/12/08 Orocovis, PR
Defeats Minoru Fujita for the vacant UWA & IWA titles.
Minoru Fujita # 2002/01/06 Bayamón, PR
Possibly IWA title only.
Lobo # 2002/02/02 Bayamón, PR
Possibly IWA title only; vacant on 02/04/27.
Nagase Kancho (Masakazu Nagase) 2013/04/04 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats Black Tiger V (Tatsuhito Takaiwa); vacates on 14/01/30 for not being able to defend.
Kengo (Kengo Nishimura) 2014/03/04 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats Dragon Joker.

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