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International Wrestling Association
World Junior Heavyweight Title

[ Japanese ]

Tiger Mike Anthony94/02/19
Title inactive in 94/02.
Mr. Aguila99/05/21Carolina, PR
Defeats Taka Michinoku in tournament final.
Mikami00/02/09MEX *
Shane Hill00/03/11Arroyo, PR
Israel Feliciano00/05/20Carolina, PR
Andres Borges00/06/03Ponce, PR
Israel Feliciano [2]00/06/04Cataño, PR
Jesus Cristobal00/06/17Humacao, PR
Andres Borges [2]00/08/19Manati, PR
Shane Hill [2]00/08/19Manati, PR
Awarded the title by his tag team partner Borges.
Andres Borges [3]00/09/30Manati, PR
Hill returns the title after defeating him in a non-title match with Borges being upset over losing a match to his tag team partner.
Tommy Diablo00/10/14Yabucoa, PR
Vacant on 00/10/21 due to an injury.
Defeats Shane Hill.
Juventud Guerrera00/10/26Juana Diaz, PR
Wins a 4-way match against Paparazzi, Andres Borges and Shane Hill.
Sean Hill [3]00/10/28Bayamón, PR
Wins a 4-way match against Guerrera, Paparazzi, and Andres Borges.
Super Crazy00/12/10Moca, PR
Lobo (Andy Anderson)01/04/21Carolina, PR
Super Crazy [2]01/06/23Bayamón, PR
Crash Holly01/07/27Bayamón, PR
Super Crazy [3]01/07/28Carolina, PR
Also wins UWA World Junior Heavyweight Title on 01/02/24 in Bayamón, PR; vacates on 01/12/08.
Lobo [2]01/12/08Orocovis, PR
Defeats Minoru Fujita for IWA and UWA titles.
Minoru Fujita02/01/06Bayamón, PR
Lobo [3]02/02/02Bayamón, PR
Vacant on 02/04/27.
Stefano [2]02/05/04Bayamón, PR
Defeats Diabolico.
Damian02/10/05Yauco, PR
Stefano [3]02/11/02Bayamón, PR
Diabolico02/11/23Carolina, PR
Paparazzi [2]03/02/01Bayamón, PR
Noriega03/04/19Bayamón, PR
Tommy Diablo03/05/17Toa Baja, PR
Anarchy03/08/02Carolina, PR
Tommy Diablo [2]3
Blitz03/11/01Bayamón, PR
Tommy Diablo [3]03/11/15Bayamón, PR
Wins a 3-way match against Blitz and Paparazzi.
Blitz [2]03/11/29Carolina, PR
Defeats Diablo and Chris Sabin in a 3-way match.
Paparazzi [2]04/02/14Bayamón, PR
Super Atomo04/02/28Bayamón, PR
Blitz [3]04/04/03Carolina, PR
Defeats Tommy Diablo, Cynuxx, and Misawa in a 4-way match.
Tommy Diablo [4]04/04/17Bayamón, PR
Vacant in 04.
Golden Boy04/10/30Bayamón, PR
Wins a battle royal.
Super Mark05/02/27Bayamón, PR
Brent Dail05/04/23Carolina, PR
Tommy Diablo [5]05/05/21Toa Baja, PR
Carlitos05/10/01Carolina, PR
Blitz [4]06Caguas, PR
Hammet06/02/04Bayamón, PR
Blitz [5]06/04/15Aguas Buenas, PR
Carlitos [2]06/08/05Bayamón, PR
Super Mark [2]06/09/02Caguas, PR
Julio Franco06/10/15Caguas, PR
Bolo the Red Bulldog06/11/18Caguas, PR
Title retired on 06/11/25.

* Replaed with IWA Extreme Cruiserweight Title.

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