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World Heavyweight Title

(as of 2016/08/18)

Pro-Wrestling ZERO1-Max ( 2007/12 - 2009/01 )
Pro-Wrestling ZERO1 ( 2009/01 - )

Masato Tanaka 2007/12/15
Defeats Takao Ohmori for AWA World Title on 07/10/26 in Tokyo; renamed ZERO1-Max World Title on 07/12/15 after ZERO1-Max and AWA split.
Yuji Nagata 2008/10/13 Tokyo
Shinjiro Ohtani 2009/02/27 Tokyo
Ryoji Sai 2009/03/29 Tokyo
Masato Tanaka [2] 2009/07/01 Tokyo
Toshiaki Kawada 2009/10/24 Tokyo
Kohei Sato 2010/04/11 Tokyo
Bambi Killer (Chris Raaber) 2010/07/11 Tokyo
Daisuke Sekimoto 2010/09/09 Tokyo
Ryoji Sai [2] 2011/03/06 Tokyo
Again billed as AWA World Title after 11/06/04 when ZERO1 announces that "AWA General Manager" F. Sharp has requested them to refer the title as such.
The Sheik (Joseph Cabibbo) 2011/07/03 Tokyo
Reigning NWA World champion, wins what is billed as NWA-AWA double title match; stripped of the NWA Title on 11/07/11 for refusing the scheduled title defense against Adam Pearce on 11/07/31 in Columbus, OH.
Kohei Sato [2] 2011/11/06 Tokyo
No longer billed as AWA champion.
KAMIKAZE 2012/02/01 Tokyo
Akebono 2012/03/02 Tokyo
Also defeats Daisuke Sekimoto in a double title match on 12/05/16 in Tokyo to win NWA Premium Title; vacates on 12/09/11 due to illness.
James Raideen 2013/08/04 Tokyo
Defeats Masato Tanaka in the final of the 12-man "Himatsuri 2013" tournament.
Kohei Sato [3] 2014/03/30 Tokyo
Masakatsu Funaki 2014/07/06 Tokyo
Kohei Sato [4] 2014/09/19 Tokyo
Hideki Suzuki 2015/11/01 Tokyo
Kohei Sato [5] 2016/03/27 Tokyo
Announces to vacate the title on 16/07/14 after losing to Yusaku Obata during the "Himatsuri 2016"; the promotion does not approve the announcement and continues to recognize Sato as the champion.