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World's Best Osaka Attraction Title
(as of 2010/07/19)

Kuishimbo Kamen2000/01/04Osaka
Defeats Ebessan to become the first champion.
Ebessan [2]2003/04/05Osaka
Tigers Mask 2003/07/06Osaka
Vacates on 03/10/04 to enter the Tennozan 2003 tournament.
Miracle Man 2003/12/07 Osaka
Wins a 4-way match against Ebessan, Kuishimbo Kamen, and Pero.
Ebessan [3]2004/01/31Osaka
Kuishimbo Kamen [2]2004/02/21Osaka
Stripped on 05/12/17 due to lack of the title defenses.
Wins a 8-man battle royal, last eliminating Police Man; vacates on 07/01/06 due to the ear injury from the match on 06/09/16.
Sgt. Suchi2007/02/12Osaka
A Yoshimoto comedian, wins a battle royal, last eliminating Miracle Man and Kuishimbo Kamen.
Not the original.
Kuishimbo Kamen [3]2007/12/16Tokyo
Miracle Man [2]2008/03/09Tokyo
Kanjuro Matsuyama 2008/04/29 Tokyo
Defeats Miracle Man for the World's Best Osaka Attraction Title; retires the title immediately after the match and declares himself as the first Owarai champion.
Kuishimbo Kamen [4] 2010/04/29 Osaka
Defeats Kikutaro for Owarai Title as well as the reinstated Best Attraction Title.
Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru 2010/06/27 Osaka
Wins both titles.
Kuishimbo Kamen [5] 2010/07/19 Osaka
Wins both titles.