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IWA World Heavyweight Title
[IWA Kakuto-Shijuku/Kokusai Pro]

[ 日本語 ]

The Mummy 1996/03/02 Tokyo
Defeats Ultraman Robin in the final of 8-man "IWA Single First Champion Deciding One-Night Monster King Tournament Mysterious Wrestler Single Number One Deciding Match".
Ultraman Robin 1996/05/04 Nagoya
Upon signging the contract, Robin asks the title is to change hands by DQ; Robin wins by disqualificaion; not accepting the rule, IWA only recognizes Robin as a provisional champion and orders Robin to vacate the title.
Goro Tsurumi 1996/07/20 Chigasaki
Defeats The Mummy in the final of 5-man tournament; presented the old IWA World Title belt by the Yoshiwara family.
Shoji Nakamaki 2001/06/03 Kanagawa
Goro Tsurumi [2] 2001/08/04 Tokyo
Iron Hercule I 2005/03/06 Tokyo
Pins Uchu Majin Silver X in a 3-way match in which Tsurumi also participates.
Goro Tsurumi [3] 2005/04/03 Kanagawa
Tsurumi retires in 06; promotion inactive after 07/05.

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