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World Entertainment Wrestling
Tag Team Title
[Frontier Martial-arts Wrestling]

[ Japanese ]

Koji Nakagawa & Gedo 1999/06/13 Okayama
Defeat Masato Tanaka & Tetsuhiro Kuroda for World Brass Knuckles Tag Team Title; renamed WEW Title in 99/06.
Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Hisakatsu Oya 1999/08/23 Tokyo
Mr. Gannosuke & H (Eiji Ezaki/Hayabusa) 1999/12/01 Osaka
Kodo Fuyuki & Kyoko Inoue 2000/02/25 Osaka
Inoue is a female wrestler.
Koji Nakagawa & Gedo [2] 2000/04/01 Yokosuka
Gedo vacates the title after Nakagawa turns on him in the 6-man Tag Team Title match on 00/05/28.
Jado & Gedo 2000/07/14 Takamatsu
Defeat H & Tetsuhiro Kuroda.
Masao Inoue & Yoshinobu Kanemaru 2000/07/28 Tokyo
Tamon Honda & Naomichi Marufuji 2000/10/22 Tokyo
Kodo Fuyuki & Tetsuhiro Kuroda 2000/12/23 Tokyo
Masato Tanaka & Gedo 2001/01/07 Tokyo
Vacant on 2001/02/21 when the team leaves FMW.
Goemon & Onryo 2001/05/05 Kawasaki
Defeat Super Crazy & Super Nova.
Mr. Gannosuke & Mommoth Sasaki 2001/09/05 Sapporo
Hayabusa & Tetsuhiro Kuroda 2001/10/09 Tokyo
Stripped on 2001/11/05 after Hayabusa is injured.
Mr. Gannosuke & Mommoth Sasaki 2001/11/23 Yokohama
Defeat Bio Monster DNA & Dr. Luther; vacate afterwards.
Mr. Gannosuke & Tetsuhiro Kuroda 2001/12/21 Tokyo
Defeat Kintaro Kanemura & Mommoth Sasaki in 8-team tournament final; vacant on 02/01/19 after Gannosuke is injured on 02/01/06 in Tokyo.
Kodo Fuyuki & Sandman 2002/02/04 Tokyo
Defeat Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Sabu.

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