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World Brass Knuckles Title
[Frontier Martial-arts Wrestling]

[ Japanese ]

Atsushi Ohnita 1993/08/22 Nishinomiya
Defeats Mr. Pogo to become the first champion.
Mr. Pogo 1994/01/06 Tokyo
Atsushi Ohnita [2] 1994/09/07 Sapporo
Mr. Pogo [2] 1995/01/21 Sendai
Atsushi Ohnita [3] 1995/05/04 Nagoya
Vacates on 95/05/05 upon retirement.
Hayabusa 1995/06/27 Tokyo
Defeats Hisakatsu Ooya; vacates immediately.
The Gladiator 1995/09/26 Tokyo
Defeats Hayabusa; vacates on 96/01/05 because of injury.
Super Leather 1996/02/23 Tokyo
Defeats Hisakatsu Ooya.
The Gladiator [2] 1996/05/27 Fukuoka
Also wins Independent World Heavyweight Title, defeating W*ING Kanemura on 96/12/11 in Tokyo.
Masato Tanaka 1997/09/28 Kawasaki
Mr. Gannosuke 1998/01/06 Tokyo
Hayabusa [2] 1998/04/30 Yokohama
Kodo Fuyuki 1998/11/20 Yokohama
Yukihiro Kanemura 1999/05/18
Awarded by Fuyuki due to a shoulder injury.
Hayabusa [3] 1999/08/23 Tokyo
Title retired on 99/08/25.

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