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NWA United Kingdom Heavyweight Title

Gary Steele2001/11/02Telford Shropshire
Defeats Jonny Moss in tournament final to become first champion.
Johnny Moss2002/02/10Herne Bay
Tony McMillan 2002/06/05 Hertford
Johnny Moss [2] 2002/06/07 Maidstone
Jake Roberts 2002/10/19 Maidstone
Johnny Moss [3] 2002/10/20 Ashford
Vacant sometime after 02/10/16.
Hugh Mungus2004/10/19Margate, Kent
Defeats Exodus for the vacant title.
Paul Tracey2004/10/25Hertford
Son of Abdullah (Dru Onyx)2004/10/29Maidstone, Kent
Striped on in 04/10/30 when the contenders Paul Tracey and Fergal Devitt make complaints to NWA-UK that Abudllah will be out of the country for 30 days and unable to defend the title.
Johnny Moss [4]2004/10/31Rugby, Warwickshire
Defeats Fergal Devitt.
Paul Tracy [2]2005/09/30Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow, IRL
Johnny Moss [5]2005/10/18 Bray, Co. Wicklow, IRL
Dan Severn2006/02/16Grays, Essex
Johnny Moss [6]2006/02/18Maidstone
Conscience2007/03/17Bellshill, Scotland
Vacant in 08.
Conscience [2] 2008/05/17 Bellshill, Scotland
Defeats Lionheart; vacates on 08/09/13.
Gary Lagden 2011/02/20 Corringham
Defeats Tony Mcmillan.
Kurrupt 2011/07/17 Cadet
Defeats Lagden and Will Harper in a 3-way match.
Danny Garnell 2012/06/02 Tonbridge
Phil Boyd 2012/11/10 Tonbridge, Kent
Still champion as of 12/11/10; Hammerlock Wrestling is no longer an NWA licensee as of 13/10.