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Last updated on 2018/03/02

British Welterweight Title

Joint Promotions ( 1952 - 1986 )
All-Star Promotions ( 1986 - 1990s )
The Wrestling Alliance ( 2001 - 2003 )
Revolution British Wrestling ( 2003/08 - 2005 )
LDN Wrestling ( 2006 - 2008/09 )

Harold Angus 1937/07/11<
Possibly by defeating Mike Howley in 32.
Norman Morrell * 1939 Plymouth
Harold Angus * 1940<
Vacant after Augus dies following a shoot accident on 40/10/26.
Eddie Capelli 1949 Maidstone
Defeats Jack Dempsey in tournament final.
Mick McManus 1951/01/05 Colchester
Jack Dempsey 1953/01/01 Beckenham Baths
Eddie Capelli [2] 1953?  
May defeat Mick McManus for the title; still/again recognized by British Wrestling Federation in 61.

Alan Colbeck 1952/05< London
Defeats Les Stent to be recognized as the first champion by the Joint Promotions..
Tony Lawrence 1953
Jack Dempsey 1953
Has also defeated title claimant Mick McManus on 53/01/01 in Beckenham Baths.
Jim Lewis 1954/02/23<
Jack Dempsey [2] 1957/01<
Mick McManus1957/01/05London
Jack Dempsey [3]1958/04/23London
Vacant in 66/10 when Dempsey temporarily retires due to illness.
Alan Sargeant 1966/11/26Hemel Hempstead
Defeats Alan Wood in tournament final; or 66/12/31.
Jim Breaks1967/11/06Leeds
Alan Sargeant [2]1968/09<
Brian Maxine1969/09/30Croydon
May have won the title earlier in the month and defend against Sarjeant on this day; vacates in 71/06 after winning the middleweight title.
Vic Faulkner1971/07/20Croydon
Defeats Adrian Street.
Jim Breaks [2]1976/05/31Bradford
Vic Faulkner [2]1976/08/28Manchester
Jim Breaks [3]1977/03/09Buxton
Vic Faulkner [3] # 1977/07/05 Leicester
Title immediately held up by Joint Promotions because of the interference by Bert Royal.
Jim Breaks [4]1977/11/30London
Defeats Faulkner in rematch.
Dynamite Kid1978/01/25Preston
Vacant in 79 when Kid leaves the country.
Jim Breaks [5]1979/06/27London
Defeats Steve Grey in 8-man tournament final.
Alan Dennison1980/06/11London
Jim Breaks [6]1983/03/29Croydon
Steve Grey1982/05/25Croydon
Alan Dennison [2]1982/06/21<
Jim Breaks [7]1983/03/29Croyldon
May have won the title from Dennis befoer this date.
Alan Dennison [3]1983/04/29<
Jim Breaks [8]1983/12/09Barnsley
Danny Collins1984/03/21Croydon
Steve Grey1984/06/21Malvern
Danny Collins [2]1984/06/22?Bath?
Steve Grey [2]1984/08/21Malvern
Danny Collins [3]1984/11/01Mandchester
Sid Cooper1985/05/23Bristol
Danny Collins [4]1985/08/26<
Vacant on 89/07/04 when Collins wins the heavy middleweight title.
Mal Sanders1989/12/21Bristol
Defeats Steve Grey.
Doc Dean1990/10/25Southampton
Blondie Barrett1991/12/17Chelmsford
Doc Dean [2]1992/07/18Norwich
Steve Prince1993/10/09Croydon
Or 93/11/09 in Croydon.
Jonny Storm2002/01/17Southampton
Defeats Jody Fleisch to be recognized by TWA.
Jody Fleisch2002/10/03Southampton
Jonny Storm [2]2002/11/27Plymouth
Vacant when TWA closes in 03.
Defeats Jack Hazard to be recognized by RBW.
Ross Jordan2003/12/07Sheffield
Sammy Ray2004/03/27London
Ross Jordan [2]2004/07/24Chingford, Essex
Kid Regis2005/02/05Chingford, Essex
Tex Benedict2006/06/04Walthamstow
Travis (Alan Lee Travis) 2008/09/20 Hanley
Becomes LDN Capital Television Title.

* See LDN Wrestling Capital Title.