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British Tag Team Title
(as of 2013/03/31)

All Star Promotions ( 1989 - 1998? )
The Wrestling Alliance ( 2000 - 2002 )
All-Star Promotions ( 2005 - )

King Ben & Kid McCoy *1989
First champions?
Superflys: Jimmy Ocean & Ricky Knight 1990/03/29Bristol
This match may be to determine the first champions.
Liverpool Lads: Robbie Brookside & Doc Dean 1991/01/23Bath
Task Force One: Vic Powers & Steve Prince 1993/01/23Norwich
Superflys [2]1993/03/13Norwich
Liverpool Lads [2]1995/03/31Liverpool
Superflys [3]1995
Power Rangers: Red & Blue 1995/06/15Bristol
Vacant when the Power Rangers gimmick dropped.
Marty Jones & Peter Collins1996/02/01Bristol
Defeat Liverpool Lads: Rob Brookside & Doc Dean; vacant in 96.
Jimmy Ocean & Canary Kid1996
Ocean defeats Ricky Knight in a singles match for the title and chooses Kid as his partner.
Superflys [4]1998/08<
Robbie Brookside & Doug Williams2000
Recognized by TWA.
New Superflys: Ricky Knight & Roy Knight 2001
Robbie Brookside & Doug Williams [2]2002/02/02Margate
The Dream Team: Kid Cool & Dean Allmark 2005/06/07Croydon
Defeat The Chippendales: Mikey Whiplash & Johnny Midnight to be recognized by All-Star.
Mikey Whiplash & Robbie Dynamite2006/02/25Staffordshire
Still champions as of 09/04/18.
Rampage Brown & Robbie Dynamite 2013/03/31<

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