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Frontier Wrestling Alliance
British Tag Team Title

The New Breed: Ashe & Curve 00/03/24Barking
Defeat Jorge Castano & Scotty Rock in tournament final to become the first champions.
Jorge Castano & Alex Castano01/05/19Portsmouth
The New Breed [2]01/09/01Harrow
Drew McDonald & Ulf Herman02/02/01Hoddesdon
Vacant when Herman no-shows an event.
U.K. Pitbulls: The Bulk & Big Dave 02/03/22London
Wins a tag team turmoil match.
Showswearers: Alex Shane & Ulf Herman 02/10/25London
The Family03/03/16Broxbourne
The team consists of Paul Travell, Raj Ghosh, Scott Parker, Brandon Thomas, Ashe, & Ian DaCyple.
Alex Shane & Stevie Knight03/08/02Morecambe
The Family [2]03/08/04 Newport
Hampton Court: Duke of Danger & Simmons 04/07/25Broxbourne
Stixx & Martin Stone05/06/18Morecambe
Vacant when Martin Stone is unable to make a mandatory title defence on 06/12/10; FWA is inactive after 07/03/25.

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