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Last updated on 2012/06/25

British Light Heavyweight Title

Joint Promotions ( 1952 - 1986 )
Independent promotions ( 1986 - )

Sam Clapham1920s
Atholl Oakeley1930
Dick Wills1932
Robert Cook 1937/10/08<
Probably on 36/05/08 in Manchester when Cook faces Wills; holds both European and British titles as of this date; still holds both titles as of 38/07/14.
Bill McDonald1947
Charley Fisher1950/06<
Sonny Wallis1950/07<
Norman Walsh1951/02<Edinburgh
Defeats Tony Baer.
Les Kellet
Dennis Mitchell1952
Ernie Riley1952
Defeats Steve Logan.
Charley Fisher [2]
Vacant in 55 when Fisher leaves the light heavyweight division.
Ernie Riley [2]1955
Defeats Steve Logan.
Billy Joyce1957
Ernie Riley [3]
Roy St. Clair1960Nottingham
Ernie Riley [3]1961/05<
Vacant in 69/12 when Riley retires.
Billy Joyce1971/03/27Blackburn
Defeats Tony Charles; vacant in 76 when Joyce retires.
Marty Jones1976/11/12Wolverhampton
Defeats Mark Rocco; vacant in 82 when Jones wins the World Mid-Heavyweight title.
David Finlay1983/02/24Oldham
Defeats Ringo Rigby in tournament final.
Marty Jones [2]1983/11/26Manchester
David Finlay [2]1984/02<
Marty Jones [3]1984/02/08Leamington
Vacant in 84 when Jones wins the World Mid-Heavyweight title.
Alan Kilby1985/01/16Walsall
Defeats Steve Logan.
King Ben1988/03/25Keighley
Alan Kilby [2]1988
Skull Murphy (Peter Northey)1995/03/25Norwich
Alan Kilby [3]1995/09<
Danny Collins1996/04/02Croydon
Alan Kilby [4]1998/01<
Ian Wilson1998/10/10Norwich
Alan Kilby [5]1998/11Norwich
Still champion as of as of 04/11/01.

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