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Last updated on 2012/06/24

European Light Heavyweight Title

Bob Gregory * 1938/03<
Billed as champion in New York; held European Middleweight Title in 37/10.
Robert Cook 1937/10/08<
Holds both European and British titles as of this date; still holds both titles as of 38/07/14.
Gilbert LeDuc1940s
Felix Lamban1940s
Gilbert LeDuc1950/01<
Roger Guettier1954/07<
Jacques Ducrez @1950s
Bengoechea I @1950s
Tony Oliver @1950s
Rudi Schumacher
Ernie Riley Middlesborough, GBR
Rafael Blasco @1950s<
Still/again holds title in mid-1962.
Marques @1960s
Joseph Kovacs @1960s
Joe Rodri @1960s
Fernando Descamps @1960s
Josef Molnar1965/01<
Ernie Riley1967<
Josef Molnar [2]1968<
Mike Marino1969/03<
Josef Molnar [3]1972/01<
Franz Van Buyten1992/03<

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