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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2012/06/24

British Lightweight Title

Joint Promotions ( 1952 - 1989 )
All-Star/Independent Promotions ( 1989 - )

George de Relwyskow Jr.1933
Vacant when de Relwyskow injured in WWII.
Norman Stuart 1935/03/07<
Joe Reid1948
Jack Dempsey1948Middleborough
George Kidd1948
Alan Colbeck1949
Johnny Stead1950
Eric Sands1953/04/30Middleborough
Johnny Stead [2]1954/03/09London
Melwyn Riss1958/12<
Jim Breaks1963/10/16London
Alan Miquet1967/02/15London
Jim Breaks [2]1968/12/17Leeds
Zoltan Boscik1969/06/18Sheffield
Jon Cortez *1970/06
Zoltan Boscik *1970/07
Johnny Saint1971/05/12Sheffield
Jim Breaks [3]1971/08/21Manchster
Jon Cortez [2] *1972/01/26London
Jim Breaks *1972
Bobby Ryan1974/05/18Hanley
Jim Breaks [4]1974/06/15Hanley
Alan Miquet [2]1974
Jim Breaks [5]1974/02/25
Bobby Ryan [2]1976/06<
Jim Breaks [6]1976/06/01Wolverhampton
Dynamite Kid1977/04/23Manchester
Vacant in 78, probably because Kid wins welterweight title on 78/01/25.
Steve Grey1978/04/05Blackburn
Defeats Bobby Ryan in tournament final.
Jim Breaks [6]1979/06/27London
Steve Grey [2]1980/05/08<
Jim Breaks [7]1982/04/06Wolverhampton
Steve Grey [3]1982/05/25Croydon
Jim Breaks [8]1983/04/21Colne
Steve Grey [4]1983/05/04Bradford
Jim Breaks [8]1984/03/22Peterborough
Steve Grey [5]1984/04<
Kid McCoy1987/05/07Adwick-le-Street
Vacates in 90 (after 90/06/06).
Steve Grey [6]1990/10/25Southampton
Defeats Boz Berry in tournament final.
Jimmy Ocean1991/09/03Croydon
Tony Stewart1991/09/18<
Jimmy Ocean [2]1993/07/17<
Steve Grey [7]1998/10<
Still champion as of 02/07/01.

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