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Westside Xtreme Wrestling
Tag Team Title ( 2001/07 - 2009/10 )
World Tag Team Title ( 2009/10 - )
(as of 2015/10/04)

Swiss Money Holding: Ares & Claudio Castagnoli2001/07/01Essen, GER
Claim to have purchased the title and declare themselves as the first champions.
Euro Threat: SigMasta Rappo & Thomas Blade2001/07/01Essen, GER
Long And Thick: Bas van Kunder & Mot van Kunder2001/08/26Essen, GER
Pin each other in a 3-way match against Euro Threat and Swiss Money Holding: Ares & Claudio Castagnoli.
Swiss Money Holding [2]2002/02/03Nürnberg, GER
Defeat Mot & Louis van Kunder, subbing for Bas.
Euro Threat: Crazy Johnny Tiger & SigMasta Rappo2002/05/18Essen, GER
Scorpion & Thomas Blade2002/06/29Essen, GER
Defeat Rappo & EnRage, subbing for Tiger.
Swiss Money Holding [3]2002/06/29Essen, GER
Wrecking Crew: Chris Combat & Thomas Blade2003/04/19Essen, GER
69ers: HATE & Martin Nolte2003/06/21Essen, GER
69ers: HATE & Tyrant2003/12/27
Tyrant replaces Notle.
New Generation Superstars: Alex Pain & Steve Douglas2004/09/18Essen, GER
Dark Dream: Darksoul & X-Dream2004/12/11Essen, GER
High Class Catch Club: Adam Polak & Baron von Hagen2005/05/07Essen, GER
GTS & Iceman2005/07/23Essen, GER
High Class Catch Club [2]2006/04/22Essen, GER
Murat Bosporus & Wesley Croton2006/09/16Essen, GER
Defeat von Hagen & Chris Ramirez, subbing for the injured Polak.
Absolute Andy & Josh Abercrombie2007/01/27Oberhausen, GER
Murat Bosporus & Wesley Croton [2]2007/01/27Oberhausen, GER
AbLas: Absolute Andy & Steve Douglas 2007/05/05Essen, GER
Chris Hero & Marc Roudin2007/11/24Oberhausen, GER
AbLas [2]2008/06/22Oberhausen, GER
Doug Williams & Martin Stone2008/07/26Oberhausen, GER
Kartel: Sha Samuels & Terry Frazier2009/08/01Oberhausen, GER
Switch Blade Conspiracy: Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) & Sami Callihan 2009/10/03 Oberhausen, GER
Defeat Kartel during World Tag Team Tournament; the title becomes a world title; vacant on 10/08/09 due to lack of defenses.
Oberhausen Terror Corps: Bad Bones & Carnage 2010/09/11 Oberhausen, GER
Defeat Kartel.
Mind: Adam Polak & Karsten Beck 2011/03/13Oberhausen, GER
Defeat Bad Bones in a handicap match.
Wanderers: Jason Hendrix & Jay Skillet 2011/09/18 Mannheim, GER
Sumerian Death Squad: Anthony Zeus & Tommy End 2011/10/01 Oberhausen, GER
RockSkillet: Jay Skillet & Jonathan Gresham 2012/08/12 Oberhausen, GER
AUTsiders: Big van Walter & Robert Dreissker 2013/03/03 Oberhausen, GER
Hot & Spicy: Axel Dieter Jr. & Da Mack 2013/11/16 Hamburg, GER
Strikeretta: Matt Striker & Trent? (Trent Barreta) 2014/03/15 Oberhausen, GER
Hot & Spicy [2] 2014/03/16 Oberhausen, GER
French Flavour: Lucas di Leo & Peter Fischer 2014/10/18 Mannheim, GER
PROST: Mike Schwarz & Toby Blunt 2015/06/20 Oberhausen, GER
Vacate voluntarily on 15/10/01 before the start of the World Tag Team Tournament.
Big Daddy Walter & Zack Sabre Jr. 2015/10/04 Oberhausen, GER
Defeat reDRagon: Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly in tournament final.