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Westside Xtreme Wrestling
Shotgun Title
(as of 2018/01/21)

Ilja Dragunov 2013/08/18 Oberhausen
Defeats Toby Blunt in tournament final to become the first champion; vacant in 14/01 due to injury.
Axel Tischer 2014/01/18 Oberhausen
Defeats Carnage.
John Klinger 2014/10/11 Oberhausen
Ilja Dragunov [2] 2015/03/07 Oberhausen
Kim Ray 2015/06/20 Oberhausen
Sasa Keel 2015/12/12 Oberhausen
Da Mack 2016/04/02 Dresden
Pete Dunne 2016/09/30 Oberhausen
Tyler Bate 2016/10/15 Bielefeld
David Starr 2016/11/18 Gotha
Chris Brookes 2016/12/03 Berlin
Defeats Starr, Dave Crist, and Ilja Dragunov in 4-way match.
David Starr [2] 2016/12/10 Oberhausen
Defeats Brookes, Da Mack, and Pete Dunne in 4-way match.
Emil Sitoci 2017/03/12 Oberhausen
Defeats Starr, Cody Rhodes, and Jun Simmons in 4-way match.
Angelico 2017/05/31 Oberhausen
Defeats Sitoci, Penta El Zero M, and Rey Fenix in 4-way match.
David Starr [3] 2017/07/01 Koln
Defeats Angelico and Emil Sitoci in 3-way match.
Ivan Kiev 2017/09/01 Hamburg
Defeats Starr and Flip Gordon in 3-way match.
Bobby Gunns 2017/12/23 Oberhausen