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Athletik Club Wrestling
World Heavyweight Title

(as of 2017/12/02)

Eric Schwarz2003/11/01Weinheim
Reigning ACW Heavyweight champion, defeats GWF Champion Michael Kovac in a unification match to become the first ACW World Wrestling champion.
Doug Williams2003/12/20Weinheim
Declared vacant on 04/05/08 when an Iron Man match against Eric Black has to be stopped at 59 minutes.
Doug Williams [2]2004/05/08Weinheim
Wins a royal rumble.
Joe E. Legend2005/12/17Weinheim
Pins Williams during an 8-man elimination match.
Tommy Suede2005/12/17Weinheim
Pins Legend during an 8-man elimination match; vacant on 06/05/20 when Suede no-shows; a 20-man battle royal is held to crown new champion where the last two participants Chris the Bambikiller and Headshrinker Alofa eliminate each other at the same time so no winner is found; later in the evening, triple threat match between Bambikiller, Alofa and Legend ends in a no contest; title remains vacant.
Ulf Hermann2007/11/03Weinheim
Defeats Joe E. Legend and Martin Stone in a 3-way match.
Bad Bones2009/12/05Weinheim
Ulf Hermann [2]2009/12/05Weinheim
Nok Su Kau2009/12/12Bad Harzburg
Ulf Hermann [3]2009/12/12Bad Harzburg
Bad Bones [2]2010/01/30Heppenheim
Nok Su Kau [2]2010/05/15Weinheim
Teams with Joe E. Legend & Jonny Storm to defeat World champion Bad Bones & Wrestling Challenge champion Argjend Qufaj & German champion Sören Reuter by pinning Bad Bones.
Eric Schwarz [2]2010/12/04Weinheim
Argjend Qufaj2011/04/02Weinheim
Nok Su Kau [3]2011/12/03Weinheim
Defeats Argjend Qufaj.
Dave Mastiff2012/09/15Weinheim
Insane Killer 2012/12/01 Weinheim
Michael Phoenix 2013/12/07 Weinheim
Viper 2014/12/06 Weinheim
Defeats Phoenix and Berengar in 3-way match.
Steve Morocco 2015/04/11 Weinheim
Vacant on 15/12/05 when Morocco no-shows the scheduled title defense.
BAM 2015/12/05 Weinheim
Defeats Best Of British Wrestling: Binairial & Boombastic & Crusher Curtis & Jonny Storm & Sören Reuter in a handicap gauntlet match.
Nicolai 2016/05/07 Ludwigshafen
Criss Riot 2016/12/03 Weinheim
Murat Bosporus 2017/09/16 Weinheim