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Athletik Club Wrestling
Heavyweight Title

Defeats Head Hunter in tournament final to become the first champion.
Lumberjack 1998/12/13Weinheim
Business Man1999/07/31Weinheim
Dircor [2]1999/12/11Weinheim
Wins as a masked Reindeer; declared vacant in 00/05 when Business Man proves that Dircor has broken his contract.
Argjend Qufaj2000/07/09Weinheim
Defeats Dircor in a 2-day 8-man tournament final.
Karsten Kretschmer2000/12/16Weinheim
Big Tiger Steele2001/12/15Weinheim
Eric Schwarz2002/09/28Weinheim
Defeats GWF Champion Michael Kovac in a unification match on 03/11/01 to become the first ACW World Wrestling champion.

* See ACW World Heavyweight Wrestling Title.

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