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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2015/02/24

European Heavyweight Title
(as of 2014/05/03)

* See also the French version.

Heinrich Froehner    
Atholl Oakeley    
Heinrich Froehner [2] 1933  
Karl Pojello1933Nottingham, GBR
Henri Deglane 1934/04<
Dan Koloff 1934/04/07 Paris, FRA
See the French version.
Gaston Gheveart vs Rik De Groot on 35/05/10 in Manchester, GBR n a tournament final (winner unknown; annual tournament?).
Max Krauser 1936/08/20<
Still champion as of 36/12/18.
Karl Pojello [2] 1937/02/05<
Max Krauser [2] 1937/07<
Still champion as of 37/10/28.
Karl Pojello [3] 1938/05/19<
Still champion as of 38/07/07.
Karl Reginsky 1938/11/18<
Still champion as of 39/02/10.
Felix Lamban @1940s
Holds title in several occations.
Victorio Ochoa1940s
Jack Dale    
Jose Tarres1948/08/28Barcelona, ESP
Bert Assirati 1949
Vacant in 52/08 when Assirati leaves for India; Victorio Ochoa is billed as champion in Spain as of 51/08.
Alf Robinson 1952
Recognized by Joint Promotions.
Gideon Gidea
Vincente Febrer1950s
Jim Olivera1961<
Billy Joyce1961
Billy Robinson1965/06/12Manchester, GBR
Vacant in 70 when Robinson leaves for North America.
Horst Hoffman1971/07Koln, W. GER
Albert Wall1974/02/04
Hans Streiger 1978 Stuttgart, W. GER *
Recognized by All-Star Promotions.
Pete Curry 1978/03/24<
Wild Angus1978/06/30Liverpool, GBR
Stripped in 78.
Hans Streiger [2]1978
Steve Veidor1978/09/15Liverpool, GBR
Hans Streiger [3]1979<
Johnny Kincaid1980Hamburg, W. GER
Wayne Bridges
Recognized by Joint Promotions.
Kwick-Kick Lee (Akira Maeda)1983/01/25London, GBR
Pat Roach1990/03Cardiff, GBR
Recognized as CWA European Title.
Giant Haystacks1990/02/06Llamtrinsant, GBR
Steve Casey wins IBV European Title on 90/11/17 in Oldenburg, GER and is billed as champion until 92/09.
Pat Roach [2] 1991
John Prator1995
Recognized by All-Star Promotions.
Rob Brookside 1999
Defeats Cory K on 01/08/25 in Bochum, GER to be recognized by European Wrestling Union.
Karl Krammer2001/10/10Berlin, GER
Wins title after Brookside fails to defend within 60 days.
The Flatliner2002/02/01Exmouth, GBR
Vacant on 02/02/17 due to leg injury.
Rob Brookside [2]2002/02/19Yeovil, GBR
Defeats Justin Starr in tournament final.
Dave Taylor2002/02/21Weymouth, GBR
Rob Brookside [3]2002/02/22Ventnor, GBR
The Flatliner [2] 2003
Wins a 20-man battle royal.
Rampage Brown 2010/04/24 Buchholz, GER
Defeats Erik Isaksen in the 16-man tournament final to be recognized by the Union of European Wrestling Alliances.
Mikey Whiplash 2010/10/02 Hanley, GBR
James Mason 2010/10/02 Hanley, GBR
John Kay 2011/05/21 Pinneberg, GER
Chaos 2012/04/14 Viborg, DEN