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Union of European Wrestling Alliances
European Heavyweight Title

(as of 2017/01/21)

Rampage Brown 2010/04/24 Buchholz, GER
Defeats Erik Isaksen in the 16-man tournament final.
Mikey Whiplash 2010/10/02 Hanley, GBR
James Mason 2010/10/02 Hanley, GBR
John Kay 2011/05/21 Pinneberg, GER
Chaos 2012/04/14 Viborg, DEN
Drew Galloway 2015/10/16 Kiel, GER
Defeats Chaos and Apu Singh in 3-way match; vacant on 15/10/18 when Gallowy cannot defend the title.
Chaos [2] 2015/10/18 Randers, DEN
Defeats Steinbolt.
Erik Isaksen 2015/11/07 Oslo, NOR