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Canadian Unified Junior Heavyweight Title
(as of 2017/08/20)

Mr. Torture 1995/01/15  
Recognized as the first Candian Unified Junior Heavyweight Champion by River City Wrestling in Winnipeg, MB; title moves to CWF in 96.
Vance Nevada 1995/02/02 Miami, MB
Vacant in 95/03<.
Todd Bullet 1995/03/30 Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Bobby Collins.
Vance Nevada [2] 1995/08/17 Winnipeg, MB
Robby Royce 1995/10/26 Winnipeg, MB
Vacant upon moving up to heavyweight division.
Bobby Collins 1996/02/17 Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Chad Ripley.
Vance Nevada [3] 1996/04/03 Portage La Prairie, MB
J.T. Atlas 1996/08/25 Poplar Bluff, MB
Vance Nevada [4] 1996/09/04 Winnipeg, MB
Spice Richards 1996/09/07 Winnipeg, MB
J.T. Atlas [2] 1996/11/07 Winnipeg, MB
Chad Ripley 1997/02/27 Winnipeg, MB
Mike Myers 1997/04/24 Winnipeg, MB
Alex Rain 1997/06/05 Winnipeg, MB
Mike Myers [2] 1997/07/03 Winnipeg, MB
Vacant in 97/07 when Myers leaves CWF.
Todd Myers 1997/09/21  
Vance Nevada [5] 1997/11/20 Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Mike Myers on 98/02/14 in Winnipeg, MB; defeats Bobby Collins on 98/03/15 in Winnipeg, MB to unify CWF Title.
Hysteria 1998/05/30 Winnipeg, MB
Alex Rain 1998/06/28 Winnipeg, MB
Hysteria [2] 1998/07/11 Winnipeg, MB
Also becomes the first NWA Canadian champion, defeating Alex Rain on 98/12/06 in Selkirk, MB; loses the NWA Title to Robbie Royce on 99/01/30 in Winnipeg, MB but continues to defend Canadian Unified Title.
Power Ranger1999/09/11Dog Creek, MB
Defeats Hysteria and Conquistidor in 3-way match.
Hysteria/Mentallo [3]1999/09/13Winnipeg, MB
Vacant in 99.
Donny DiCaprio1999/12/01Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Ronnie Attitude and Pretty Boy Levinsky in 3-way match.
Chris Parys2000/03/08Winnipeg, MB
Defeats DiCaprio and Will Damon in 3-way match.
Will Damon2000/03/27Winnipeg, MB
Vacant in 00.
Ronnie Attitude2000/05/27Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Damon in semi-final and Mentallo in the final of an 8-man tournament.
Chris Stevens2000/06/06Winnipeg, MB *
Chris Parys2000/08/02Winnipeg, MB
Mentallo [4]2000/09/05
Plum Loco2000/09/10Regina, SK
Big O2000/09/20Winnipeg, MB
Mentallo [2]2000/10/18Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Big O and Kenny Omega in 3-way match.
Kenny Omega2001/01/31Winnipeg, MB
Mentallo [3]2001/03/28Winnipeg, MB
Vance Nevada [6]2001/05/03?Halifax, NS
Defeats Mentallo on this date, but may have won the title before; vacant in 01.
Kenny Omega [2]2001/10/18Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Mentallo for the vacant title.
Ryan Wood2001/10/26Winnipeg, MB
Kenny Omega [3]2001/11/14Winnipeg, MB
Ryan Wood [2]2001/12/12Winnipeg, MB
Scott Savage2002/01/18Pikangikum, ON
Ryan Wood [3]2002/01/19Hazelridge, MB
Scott Savage [2]2002/01/27Lac du Bonnet, MB
Ryan Wood [4]2002/01/28Roseau River, MB
Scott Savage [3]2002/02/20Winnipeg, MB
Lincoln Steen2002/08/24Halifax, NS
Defeats Jeremiah Delinquent (Savage) and Sweet Sarah in an inter-gender 3-way ladder match.
Scott Savage [4]2003/05/15Dartmouth, NS
Lincoln Steen [2]2003/05/22Dartmouth, NS
Scott Savage [5]2003/05/29Dartmouth, NS
Kyle Kruse2003/07/31Dartmouth, NS
Scott Savage [6]2003/08/28Dartmouth, NS
Flexx Falcone2003/09/04Dartmouth, NS

Tony Kozina 2017/05/05 Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Mentallo.