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Last updated on 2016/03/04

NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight Title


Hysteria 1998/12/06 Selkirk, MB
Defeats Rain in tournament final on 98/12/06 in Selkirk, MB to become the NWA champion; also holds Canadian Unified Title, having defeated Alex Rain on 98/07/11 in Winnipeg, MB.
Robby Royce 1999/01/30 Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Hysteria and Vance Nevada in 3-way match for the NWA title; Hysteria continues to defend Canadian Unified Title but vacates it in 99.
Tony Kozina 1999/06/26 Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Royce and Tony McGuire in a triangle match.
Buddy Rose Jr. 1999/11/12 New Westminster, BC
Tony Kozina [2] 1999/11/28 Victoria, BC
Vacant in 2000 after winning World Junior Heavyweight Title.
Disco Fury 2000/02/26 Nanaimo, BC
Defeats Black Dragon in tournament final.
Torch 2000/04/26 New Westminster, BC
Defeats Fury and Chance Beckett.
Chance Beckett 2000/06/30 New Westminster, BC
Defeats Torch and Pvt. Todd Kelly.
Torch [2] 2000/09/15 New Westminster, BC
Disco Fury [2] 2000/09/15 New Westminster, BC
Count 2000/10/20 Kamloops, BC
Disco Fury [3] 2000/10/22 Penticton, BC
Chance Beckett [2] 2001/01/26 Surrey, BC
Defeats Fury and Tony Kozina in a 3-way match.
American Dragon (Daniel Bryan) 2001/10/12 Surrey, BC
Disco Fury [4] 2001/12/26 Surrey, BC
Asian Cooger 2002/07/19 Port Coquitlam, BC
Disco Fury [6] 2002/07/26 Surrey, BC
Major Hardway 2002/11/29 Surrey, BC
Tony Kozina [3] 2004/04/02 Surrey, BC
Disco Fury [6] 2004/10/20 Vancouver, BC
Dropkick Murphy 2005/04/01 Port Coquitlam, BC
Vacates on 06/03/11 to focus on winning ECCW Heavyweight Title
Memphis Raines 2006/06/23 Surrey, BC
Defeats Kyle O'Reilly in a tournament final.
MR2 2006/09/29 Surrey, BC
Ice 2006/11/25 Nanaimo, BC
Kyle O'Reilly 2007/07/21 Vancouver, BC
Ice [2] 2007/07/27 Surrey, BC
Kyle O'Reilly [2] 2007/08/18 Nanaimo, BC
Ice [3] 2007/08/18 N. Vancouver, BC
Held up on 07/08/24 when a match against Kyle O'Reilly ends in a double pinfall.
Kyle O'Reilly [3] 2007/12/28 Surrey, BC
Defeats Ice in a best of 5 series.
Billy Suede 2008/07/05 Vancouver, BC
Artemis Spencer 2009/02/07 Vancouver, BC
Vacates on 09/06/29 due to a knee injury.
Azeem the Dream 2009/07/04 Vancouver, BC
Defeats Billy Suede, Jamie Diaz, and Harv Sihra in a 4-man gauntlet match.
Gurv Sihra 2009/12/18 Surrey, BC
Azeem the Dream [2] 2010/05/28 Surrey, BC
Rick the Weapon 2010/07/10 Vancouver, BC
Artemis Spencer [2] 2011/01/21 Surrey, BC
Alex Plexis 2011/09/10 Vancouver, BC
Defeats Spencer, Nick Price, and Matt XStatic in a 4-way match.
Nick Price 2011/10/28 Surrey, BC
Title retired on 11/12/30.