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Last updated on 2016/09/19

World Brass Knuckles Title

Ciclon Negro1974/01 New York, NY, USA *
Billed as having defeated Brute Bernard for the title.
Mario Milano1974/03/02Melbourne
Brute Bernard1974/05/10Sydney
Wins in a tag team match, teaming with Waldo Von Erich to defeat Milano & Tony Parisi; stripped in 74/08 after throwing dye in Killer Karl Kox's eye.
Mario Milano [2]1974/09/06Sydney
Lorenzo Parente1974/09/27Sydney
Mario Milano [3]1974/10/25Sydney
Bull Ramos 1975/01Sydney
Great Mephisto1975/04/05Melbourne
Rocky Romero1975/08/02Melbourne
Great Mephisto [2]1975/08/22Sydney
Ron Miller1975/09
George Barnes1976/04
Ron Miller [2]1976/05/05Brisbane, QLD
Ciclon Negero [2]1976/05/15Melbourne
Vacant in 76 when Negero leaves the area.
Bugsy McGraw1977/06/03Sydney
Defeats Larry O'Day.
Kevin Martin1977/06/17Sydney
Butcher Brannigan1977/09/09Sydney
Mario Milano [4]1977/10/04Sydney
Butcher Brannigan [2]1977/11
Ron Miller [3]1977/12<
Bruiser Brody1978/03/17Sydney
Ron Miller [4]1978/04/14Sydney
Brute Bernard [2]1978/05/26Sydney
King Curtis Iaukea1978/08/18Sydney
Bulldog Brower1978/09/29Sydney
King Curtis Iaukea [2]1978/12/01Sydney
Promotion closes in 78/12.