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Smoky Mountain Wrestling
"Beat the Champ" Television Title

Tracy Smothers1992-12-12Morristown, TN
Defeats Dirty White Boy in 4-man tournament final.
The Night Stalker1993-02-08Jellico, TN
Tim Horner1993-02-08Jellico, TN
Bobby Eaton1993-03-01Sevierville, TN
Brian Lee1993-04-19Barbourville, KY
Vacant on 93-06-07 after Lee wins for 5 consecutive weeks.
Bobby Blaze1993-06-07Cumberland, KY
Defeats Dirty White Boy.
Dirty White Boy (Tony Anthony)1993-06-28Council, VA
Wins title as masked Mighty Yankee; vacant in 93-08.
Jimmy Del Ray1993-08-16Clinton, TN
Defeats Ricky Morton.
Robert Gibson1993-09-13Oakwood, VA
Dirty White Boy [2]1993-09-13Oakwood, VA
Vacates on 93-10-04.
Tim Horner [2]1993-10-04Jellico, TN
Defeats Juicy Johnny; vacant on 93-12-06 because of injury.
Tracy Smothers [2]1993-12-06Jefferson, NC
Defeats Chris Candido.
Chris Candido1993-12-06Jefferson, NC
Robbie Eagle1994-01-10Chilhowie, VA
The Hornet (Brian Keyes)1994-02-07Jellico, TN
Killer Kyle1994-02-07Jellico, TN
Mike Furnas1994-03-07Dungannon, VA
Bruiser Bedlam (Johnny K-9)1994-04-04Clinton, TN
Vacant on 94-05-02 after Bedlam wins for 5 consecutive weeks.
Kendo the Samurai (Tim Horner [3], later Bobby Blaze) 1994-05-02Harriman, TN
Defeats Chris Hamrick.
Tracy Smothers [3]1994-06-07Loudon, TN
Vacant on 94-07-05 after Smothers wins for 5 consecutive weeks.
Chris Candido [2]1994-07-05Warrensville, NC
Defeats Scott Studd.
Lance Storm1994-08-08Saltville, VA
Boo Bradley1994-09-05Cumberland, KY
Scott Studd1994-10-03Morganton, SC
Bryant Anderson1994-10-03Morganton, SC
Vacant on 94-11-07 after Anderson wins for 5 consecutive weeks; Steve Armstrong defeats D.Lo Brown by DQ in a match for the vacant title on 94-11-07 in Oakwood, VA, but it is ruled that a title cannot be won by a DQ victory.
Brian Lee [2]1994-11-07Oakwood, VA
Defeats The Nightmare.
Buddy Landel1994-12-05Princeton, WV
Vacant on 95-02-06 after Landel wins for 5 consecutive weeks.
Boo Bradley [2]1995-02-06Lenoir, NC
Defeats The Wolfman.
Billy Black1995-02-06Lenoir, NC
Vacant on 95-02-06 because of injury.
Killer Kyle1995-02-06Lenoir, NC
Defeats Boo Bradley.
Bobby Blaze [2]1995-04-07Pikeville, KY
Promotion closes on 95-11-26.